Kindred Teas & Tonic Cafe hiring Cafe Manager and Mixologist

Somerville, Massachusetts

Job: Café Manager and Mixologist

Necessary Skills: Management, Bartending, Mixology, Precision in Measurement and Recipe Capabilities

Necessary Personality Type: Passionate, Creative, Fowardthinking, Unpretentious, Self Motivated, Patient

Welcomed skills:, Social media, Retail experience, Catering experience

Looking to hire a person (s) with a combined skill set of managing people in a restaurant/café setting with experience in bartending AND has a passion for the mixology of it.  This passion would be applied to creating, preparing, mixing, selling, and sharing knowledge of our in house made TONICS – vinegars, shrubs, vegetables, fruits and herbs (vs the mixing of alcohol based beverages).   Our ideal team member is creative, outgoing, energetic, a fast-learner, and smiles a lot. You enjoy being around people, and can get along with people of all different ages and backgrounds. When you take on a project, we can trust that you will get it done with minimal supervision while implementing the vision of the team.  You should be comfortable working on your feet for several hours at a time and be able to lift up to 60 lbs.

Experience with bartending/mixology would be a requirement. Previous managerial experience within the café industry is a requirement.  Excellent mathematical skills are required due to measurements are involved on a daily basis.   Knowledgeable of vinegars, shrubs, vegetables, fruit and/or herbs would be helpful (fermentation period, seasonal uses, pairing, etc.).   Position would involve creating in house and seasonal tonics for retail and wholesale; working directly with vendors that provide Fairtrade and organic ingredients.  So, yes you must support the Kindred mission (awareness of social and environmental standards).   Hiring, Training, Customer service, preparing and serving or tonics as well as other menu options.   Social media, Microsoft office knowledge would be consider a plus.

Full time, salaried position with health care after 3 months.  Compensation is commensurate with experience.

Flexible schedule a must, certainly in the first few months, and please plan on partial weekends and some nights.  Our goal is (for YOU) to run a kick a$$ place while taking into account our human needs to have a well rounded life.  We will be closed on Mondays and with shortened service on Sundays and Tuesdays.  We will make sure all kindreds have a minimum of 2 days off a week.  Kindred will host charitable community events on a regular basis and will depend on you to develop and implement such events minimum 4 times a year.  You will also oversee other non-managerial kindreds in such missions.

Please email Leigh.Ilovekindred@gmail com your resume.  We encourage you to read more about us on our yet to be completed website including our mission and our background.

Not accepting phone calls

Knight Farm hiring Farm Manager

Glocester, Rhode Island

Knight Farm located in Glocester, RI is in search of a Farm Manager.

BACKGROUND – Knight Farm is a 40 acre, mostly, apple orchard. It was owned by the Knight Family for more than 150 years until it was purchased by the current owner in 2004. The current owner is a real estate developer and purchased the farm with the intention to develop the land but fell in love with it. Early in 2008 it was decided we must make every effort to preserve such as a historic farm. It was at that time a breakfast restaurant and ice cream parlor were added at Knight Farm. It took 3 years to get the 100 year old trees back in shape. Currently the farm is a Pick Your Own/ U-Pick Orchard.

Knight Farm is looking for a FARM MANAGER with a passion to continue to revitalize the most well known and iconic farms in Northern Rhode Island.

The candidate must have minimum a BA degree or extensive (more than 5 years) experience in full time farming, Apple farming is most preferred. We are looking for the manager to work with the owner in implementing many of the following list of items. Not necessarily all at once but over time with a plan.

  • Candidate must move to Knight Farm. Housing will be provided. We have the original Farm home vacant and ready for our first Farm Manager.
    Apple Tree spray regiment/program – This is first and foremost the most important item on the list.
  • Designing and ordering new block of tall spindle system Apple Trees
  • Planting Pumpkin, Gourd, Sugar Pumpkin Patch with effective spray program and opening a Large Scale Pumpkin patch for 2015.
  • Help to prepare fields and plant Corn for Maze to open fall 2015
  • Working with local restaurants to plant and maintain a summer garden for sale and use at their establishments. We currently have an approximately 8000 sf garden to produce fresh vegetables for our breakfast restaurant during the growing season. Candidate will be responsible for planting, spraying and harvesting the produce.
  • Co-coordinating the purchase of produce not grown at Knight Farm for sale in our produce stand during season. So we may offer a variety of produce for our customers
  • Fall Season – Co-coordinating purchase of fall items if not grown at Knight Farm such as Hay, Pumpkins, Sugar Pumpkins, gourds, Mums, Corn Stalks.
  • Contacting many local schools to book school tours for the Spring and Fall seasons.
  • Having basic knowledge of Farm equipment and to be resourceful while maintaining and fixing equipment as necessary.
  • Contacting local vendors to provide sale for early apples
  • Identify new Local and Federal grants that may benefit Knight Farm and we hopefully can take advantage of.
  • Help to purchase Cider press and Cider Donut making machine. Implement these products into the produce stand

Knight Farm has the ambition and resources to complete all tasks listed above but will need the help of that one special person.

Candidate will have freedom to express ideas while working with the owner to expand the business of farming at Knight Farm. The owner will provide guidance and whatever is necessary to give the best chance for success. You must bring knowledge, passion, common sense and a strong work ethic to the job.

As compensation the candidate will receive housing, breakfast and lunch daily along with an agreed salary. This is not an hourly job. Candidate must be able to manage time effectively to maintain and grow the orchard according to the short and long term plans.

If you love farming, have a passion for what you do, and would like to find a long term home this just might be the place for you.

Please send resume and or qualifications via email to

Knight Farm LLC

1 Snake Hill Road

Glocester, RI 02857

New Entry Sustainable Farm Project hiring Community Food Projects Coordinator

Lowell, Massachusetts

New Entry Sustainable Farming Project

Community Food Projects Coordinator

Date: 10/15/14

Reports To:               Eva Agudelo, National Technical Assistance Coordinator

FLSA Status:             Full-Time (w/ Benefits), Exempt                        

POSITION SUMMARY:  This position will provide outreach and TA to applicants and grantees of USDA’s Community Food Projects (CFP) grant program. This involves promoting the grant program in underserved communities, providing assistance to grantees on program development and the application process, and offering professional development, evaluation training, and ongoing technical support to grantees implementing CFP projects in their communities.


Manage National Technical Assistance (TA) and Referral Network for Community Food Project Programs:

  • Work with New Entry’s National TA Coordinator to establish goals and monitor outcomes of National CFP TA initiative.
  • Conduct national planning, outreach, and technical assistance to organizations developing community food security programming. In particular:
    • Promote CFP program nationally by attending and presenting at relevant conferences and events.
    • Recruit applicants and engage national partners in CFP TA efforts.
    • Create and manage consulting agreements and contracts with program partners and TA recipients.
    • Maintain and expand national TA request and referral system.
    • Develop national webinars on CFP grant application and program topics.
    • Expand web-based clearinghouse for CFP resources and support.
    • Develop case studies, success stories, and toolkits for CFP projects.
    • Organize national trainings and meetings for CFP grantees.
    • Document and evaluate program outputs and outcomes and complete reporting requirements.


This position has supervisory responsibility.


  • Bachelor’s Degree required; Master’s degree preferred.
  • Minimum of 2 years supervisory experience required.
  • Organizational development and cross-cultural experience helpful.
  • Prior experience in national outreach, community food projects programming, and educational resource development is essential.
  • Experience working with social media, web-based learning, and web resource development required.
  • Empathy for and sensitivity to food insecurity in underprivileged communities.
  • Experience in creating program and marketing materials.
  • Enthusiasm for critically engaging with the local food movement and determining how non-profit programming can better address food insecurity, food access and improve nutritional outcomes.
  • Experience with programmatic evaluation and assessment desired.

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AEA Pure Dawn Farm hiring Farm Manager

Orwell, Ohio

AEA Pure Dawn Farm
Farm Manager
Job Description

AEA Pure Dawn Farm is an innovative, 160-acre start-up fruit and vegetable farm  located in Orwell, Ohio. Pure Dawn Farm will fully implement the best practices of sustainable agriculture, permaculture and regenerative soil and crop management systems.

The mission of Pure Dawn Farm is to become the ultimate demonstration of regenerative agricultural practices in the world – for farmers, retailers, consumers, and other potential stakeholders. With this in mind, Pure Dawn is seeking to build a team of like-minded individuals who share a passion for for this mission.

Pure Dawn Farm is a startup with no established infrastructure or crop plan. Resources are available to accomplish the farm managers responsibilities.

The objectives of Pure Dawn are:

  1. To demonstrate the effectiveness of regenerative agriculture and nutritional integrity by  rebuilding soil health, and producing crops with complete disease and insect resistance.
  2. To demonstrate the economic and ecological impact of combining regenerative farming systems and production permaculture practices.
  3. To demonstrate the ability to regenerate farmland which has been degraded and is no longer productive.
  4. To provide a restful and relaxing oasis -with a feeling of profound peacefulness-for visitors and guests.

Job Summary:

AEA Pure Dawn Farm is seeking a full-time senior Farm Manager to oversee all of the various activities of the farm- from production to external communications. The Farm Manager will be the most important  member of the team in determining the success of the farm.

The Farm Manager must be a strong leader, with an entrepreneurial spirit, and a sense of urgency for completing important  tasks. Pure Dawn Farm will be  an open and interactive farm,  excellent communication skills and the proven ability to work well with others will be critical skills. The Farm Manager must be enthusiastic and articulate about (and will be required to present) the benefits of regenerative farming systems to CSA members, volunteers, interns, funders, and journalists while meeting all of the other responsibilities required of the position. The Farm Manager will report directly to the Board of Directors, and will assist the Board in co-creating and implementing a strategic farm plan.

Pure Dawn is hiring immediately, in preparation for the 2015 farm season.


  • Communicate the vision and mission of the farm to all internal and external audiences.
  • Prepare, oversee, and manage annual CSA, operating and capital budgets, and business plan.
  • Plan, manage, and execute the planting, cultivation, irrigation, harvesting, and cultural management of all field crops.
  • Direct special projects including fencing, irrigation, carpentry, and other capital projects.
  • Oversee disease and insect pest management.
  • Purchase farm supplies and seeds.
  • Maintain detailed farm records.
  • Maintain a clean, safe, and organized work environment.
  • Recruit, and manage seasonal production and harvesting staff.
  • Train staff in the safe use of equipment and facilities.
  • Work effectively and cooperatively with all stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with marketing manager and be directly involved with the management of CSA share-holder relations and communications.
  • Build apprenticeship programs.
  • Co-develop and plan farm infrastructure plan.
  • Contribute content to CSA newsletter, social media, and farm website.
  • Provide weekly reports and updates to the Board of Directors.
  • Attend board meetings as requested.

Experience Required:

  • 3 to 5 years of organic fruit and vegetable production on 15+ acre scale.
  • Understanding of CSA management
  • Understanding of agricultural principles such as: whole farm planning, crop rotations, permaculture principles, cultural management of perennial crops and tree fruit, regenerative farming concepts, cover cropping, soil and plant sciences, and holistic management,
  • Prior farm management experience.
  • Experience running and maintaining farm vehicles, equipment, and greenhouses.
  • Experience and comfortable working with horses.
  •  Strong computer skills.

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Nantucket Conservation Foundation hiring Sheep Grazing Project Technician

Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

Sheep Grazing Project Technician



The Nantucket Conservation Foundation (a private, non-profit conservation land trust) has been utilizing sheep grazing as a grassland management tool on its Squam Farm property since 2005. The use of sheep is a historically-accurate conservation tool for Nantucket, as the past impact of European settlers and their grazing animals influenced the development of the island’s unique sandplain grasslands and heathlands. These habitats now support one of the highest concentrations of rare and endangered species in the Massachusetts, and developing and using land management tools for protecting and restoring them is a top conservation goal of the Nantucket Conservation Foundation. For additional details about this project, please visit the Foundation’s website at:



The Sheep Grazing Project Technician is responsible for all aspects of maintaining and managing the Foundation’s flock. Specific responsibilities are summarized as follows:


  • Conduct a daily check of all sheep, providing feed, water, and/or nutrient supplements and ensuring that fencing is intact and sufficient.
  • Implement rotational grazing within sections of the property that are targeted by Science and Stewardship Department staff for treatment during the active growing season (early May – early November), including setting up and moving portable fencing, water tubs, and nutrient supplements and moving sheep in between pastures. Experience with sheep herding and use of a herding dog is highly preferred.
  • Conduct regular health checks on each individual sheep to ensure that body condition is being maintained, working with veterinarians as needed to regularly administer vaccinations, monitor and treat for parasite infestations, and identify potential health problems at the earliest possible stage.
  • Maintain detailed health records for each individual sheep to be used for breeding and overall flock management decisions.
  • Maintain detailed records of management actions taken and areas of the property that are grazed in conjunction with Science and Stewardship Department staff.
  • Conduct regular pasture and barn yard clean-up and maintenance activities, including management of manure piles and identification and management of invasive weeds, working with Properties Maintenance and Science and Stewardship Department staff members as needed.
  • Organize and neatly maintain all equipment, fencing, supplies, medications, tools, etc. related to sheep grazing project activities, communicating repair and replacement needs when necessary.
  • Oversee decisions regarding flock culling at the end of the active grazing season (late October) so that an efficiently-sized flock of the healthiest sheep is maintained and possibly bred over the winter.
  • Oversee the breeding of selected ewes in November to produce lambs in April, maintaining accurate records of genetic lineages and breeding performance.
  • Provide adequate hay and nutrient supplements for winter flock maintenance and pregnant ewe health from November – later April while the flock is maintained within permanently-fenced pastures in close proximity to the barn at Squam Farm.
  • Schedule and organize shearing (conducted by a local sheep shearer) of all sheep just prior to lambing in the spring and those that will be culled from the flock at the end of the grazing season.
  • Oversee all aspects of lambing, with veterinarian assistance as needed.
  • Interact with individual and group visitors to the property to provide information about the sheep grazing project and the Foundation’s overall conservation goals.

Please submit a cover letter, resume, and references to: Karen C. Beattie, Science & Stewardship Manager,


Draft Horse Farm hiring Barn Manager and Trainer

Draft Horse Farm Barn Manager/Trainer
Our 100 acre work and play draft horse farm in western Maine has an opening for a professional and versatile barn manager/assistant trainer. Duties include daily chores and schooling drafts for work, sport, and show. Private home and some expenses provided. Experienced preferred.  Must enjoy and have a dedication to working with horses and the outdoors. This farm has 45 acres of prime agricultural fields and gardens along with 45 in forest areas. Non-smokers only. Enjoying a garden and skills with equipment and all around farm life a plus. Attractive work-to-own/direct purchase opportunity also possible for anyone/couple with entrepreneurial agricultural and recreational interests and goals.
Please send a cover letter and resume’ to


Amagansett Food Institute hiring Marketing Intern

Long Island, New York

About AFI:

The Amagansett Food Institute (AFI) supports, promotes, and advocates for farmers and food producers on the East End of Long Island. We recently opened a farm to table café and a commercial kitchen incubator for the growth of local food businesses and the production of value added goods. AFI runs a farm to food pantry program and coordinates a farmer-to-farmer training program for young and beginning farmers.

We are looking for someone with a business and/or marketing background to help with education and marketing materials for the café and commercial kitchen incubator. This includes engaging the local community through the development and design of marketing and educational materials, growing awareness around the café and incubator kitchen, and some social media.

Our Ideal Candidate:

-       Is knowledgeable and passionate about local food

-       Is working toward a business and/or food related degree

-       Has strong communication skills in both oral and written formats

-       Has experience developing marketing materials

-       Is able to work independently in a flexible environment

-       Has experience with Microsoft suite

-       Has knowledge of social media

This opportunity is for someone who loves food. This internship can be completed remotely from home or campus. If completed locally, it will provide the opportunity to work closely with young farmers and food professionals, network within the East End food community, and much more. It is an excellent resume builder.

This is an unpaid internship with a flexible start date. The internship will last 6-8 weeks. Class credits or work-study can be arranged.

To apply, send cover letter and resume to  Jessica at