Grass Run Farms hiring Farm Operations Manager

Dorchester, Iowa

Seeking: Farm Operations Manager

The Job: Grass Run Farms, producer and wholesaler of 100% grass fed beef, seeks a farm operations manager for the coordination and execution of its established grass-fed beef finishing and custom grazing operations, based in/near Dorchester, Iowa.

This position is an opportunity to manage and build many enterprises within our grass-fed beef production company. We’re looking for someone with foundational expertise in cattle farming and a desire to be accountable for the growth of a business.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Ration preparation and cattle feeding on pasture

Cattle receiving, sorting and routine handling

Rotational grazing system management

Permanent and temporary fencing

Daily record-keeping and data management

Qualifications: Must have proven skill in all forms of communication, large animal husbandry, machinery operation, fencing, data management, and general farm maintenance. Ability to work independently, ask questions, handle challenging situations, and solve practical problems required. Previous employment in the cattle industry, animal nutrition, and/or business management preferred.

Specific Skills Required:

Cattle handling and care experience

Proficiency in digital communications, including e-mail, mobile phone and text communication

Record-keeping and digital data managment Continue reading