Sunfield Biodynamic Farm hiring Interns

Port Hadlock, Washington

Sunfield Biodynamic Farm offering internship opportunity for 2012 growing season.

Sunfield is a pioneering nonprofit organization with a broad community-building mission. Inspired by the ideas of the early twentieth-century philosopher and scientist Rudolf Steiner, we offer a Waldorf school and community education programs that take place on a working biodynamic farm. Sunfield comprises eighty-one acres, primarily fields, that are bisected by wetlands and flanked by a forested hillside, in Port Hadlock on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. Over five acres are planted with vegetables, fruit, and cover crops. The remaining fields are hayed and grazed rotationally by our cows, sheep, goats, and chickens. We provide food for the local community in the form of a 50+ member CSA, wholesale to local stores, seasonal attendance at a local farmers market, and u-pick berry sessions at times of abundance.

Our interns are an integral part of Sunfield Farm. Our three-to nine-month farm internship program provides an invaluable and educational work experience in sustainable agriculture for people age eighteen and older. Within a supportive and unique working environment, Sunfield interns are exposed to a variety of tasks that change throughout the growing season, gain many new skills, and become competent at completing a wide range of farming chores as they prepare to become the future caretakers of sustainable farms.

Our internship program is partnered with the Jefferson County FIELD program (Farmer Innovation, Education, and Leadership Development), developed by Jefferson County farmers and Washington State University, to provide interns with an optimal educational experience. Sunfield and other participating farms in the Jefferson County FIELD program serve as host farms. Interns from all participating farms meet weekly on the different farms for formal instruction classes, and monthly for a reflection session on their experiences.

For more information about the FIELD program, and becoming an intern at Sunfield, please visit our website.

If you think you may be a good fit for Sunfield, please send a letter of interest and request for an intern application to Verity Howe at