Apple Street Farm hiring Farm Manager

Essex, Massachusetts

Apple Street Farm seeks an experienced farmer to manage a diverse 5-acre vegetable and livestock operation that supplies a CSA, three partner restaurants, a farm-to-table dinner series, farmstand, and more.

The farm is located in Essex, MA and operated by James Beard award-winning Chef Frank McClelland of L’Espalier and Sel de la Terre restaurants in Boston and Natick; the farm manager will work closely with the chef/owner in all aspects of the operation.

This is a relatively new operation still in process of establishing systems, acquiring equipment, and securing land. There are two cultivatable acres at the Apple St. site and the farm currently leases 3 satellite fields nearby in Essex; livestock includes a small herd of dairy goats, pigs, turkeys, meat chickens, and 180 laying hens.

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

• Plan, implement and manage all aspects of the vegetable operation, including the crop plan; ordering of seeds, supplies, tools, and feed; preparing fields; planting, cultivating, harvesting & post-harvest handling, and greenhouse work.

• Manage all aspects of the vegetable and poultry CSAs: maintain waiting lists; be point of contact for all members and inquirers; plan weekly distributions

• Manage & maintain good relationships with partner restaurants and other outlets, including sending regular availability lists and invoicing

• Manage equipment fleet, including regular maintenance and repairs; manage infrastructure (irrigation, fencing, greenhouse & barn, etc.)

• Interview, hire, and manage farm crew, including volunteers and work-for-shares

• Livestock management of dairy goats, pigs, sheep, and poultry: ordering any supplies and feed, maintaining health of herd (worming, feed supplements, kidding, etc.); upkeep of fencing, housing, and barn; maintaining State slaughter license & slaughter facility; planning and management of poultry CSA

Apple Street is a production-oriented farm; a manager must be able to work at a fast pace and encourage & motivate a highly efficient crew. The farm values high quality produce and sustainable growing methods; we are not certified organic but use all organic practices (no pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers are used, and no GMO seeds or livestock feed). We seek to increase the health of the soil through good rotation, applying compost, cover cropping, and more.

The farmer must be able to balance all aspects of the operation – planning, field work, managing crew, record-keeping, CSA member contact, etc. Must have excellent communication skills, a good attitude, and be physically capable of working long days and lifting 50+ lbs, with a valid MA drivers’ license. A successful candidate will have 5+ years of experience with livestock and vegetable growing, tractor experience, and be able to contribute ideas on how to expand and diversify the operation.

Interested candidates should submit their resume, CV or work experience via email to