Green Meadows Farm hiring Apprentices

South Hamilton, Massachusetts

Green Meadows Farm in South Hamilton, MA is accepting apprenticeship applicants for the 2013 season. We raise vegetables, laying hens, pigs, sheep and small fruit on a diversified organic farm on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Our farm supplies food for a 400 member CSA, a retail farm stand, a few small restaurant accounts, and donations of fresh produce. We strongly believe that the only way to learn how to manage a successful farm is by doing it.

The apprenticeship is intended for candidates who are seriously considering a career in sustainable agriculture, and ideally, interested in someday operating a farm. Prior farming experience is preferred, but not required. Candidates must be physically fit, enjoy working hard in all kinds of weather, and enthusiastic about sustainable farming. A positive attitude, strong work ethic, sense of humor, and a valid driver’s license are essential.

Over the course of the season, we aim to provide apprentices with the knowledge and skills needed to manage a diversified organic farm. In exchange, apprentices perform the day-to-day tasks that keep the farm running. Apprentices are engaged in every aspect of the farm’s operation from the greenhouse to the wash stand, they drive tractors, seed, harvest, care for livestock, weed, wash, hoe, prep fields, and much more. In addition to on-farm training and instruction, apprentices have the opportunity to attend workshops, conferences, and farm tours.

Apprenticeship Description

The apprenticeship is an intensive working and learning experience designed to provide motivated candidates with valuable farm management skills. All motivated applicants who are seriously considering a career in sustainable agriculture are welcome to apply.

Apprentices will be involved in all aspects of the farm’s day to day operation, and are expected to follow instructions and complete tasks in a timely manner. Apprentices report directly to the Field Manager and Farm Manager. Thorough training in tractor operation and basic maintenance are a part of the program, as well as instructions pertaining to all tasks to be completed over the course of the season.

Educational material and training will be provided by the Field Manager and Farm Manager. The farm crew will have weekly meetings to go over the work to be done, tour the fields, assess crops, and prioritize tasks. Written material, as well as access to the farm library will be provided. In addition, Apprentices are encouraged to attend CRAFT meetings, workshops, and conferences throughout the season.

Apprentices are welcome to discuss future farm plans with farm management, who will also provide guidance and support for those pursuing further opportunities in their farming career.


Apprentices are expected to:
-Show up on time, ready to work
-Bring a spirit of dedication and enthusiasm to the job
-Follow instructions, complete all tasks to the best of their ability, and ask questions
-Maintain a good attitude in the field
-Be respectful toward coworkers, visitors, volunteers, customers, and shareholders
-Come to work in proper work attire (rain gear, sturdy footwear, hats, gloves, etc.)
-Address concerns, issues, problems and questions to the Field Manager
-Take full advantage of the season-long farming experience! Make observations, ask questions, take notes, enjoy working outside in the sun, eat lots of fresh food, and sleep well.

Work Schedule

Monday to Friday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm with a 1hr lunch break, and 15 min. morning and afternoon breaks.
Saturdays are 7:00am to 12:00pm which will be rotated so that everyone will get at least one Saturday per month off. There are situations where apprentices may occasionally be asked to work past 5:00pm, such as animals getting out of fencing, or field work that has to be finished prior to a rainy period.

Apprentices will share farm chores on a rotating basis along with the Farm Manager and Field Manager.
Farm chores are 7 days a week, and vary by season. They include, but are not limited to: feeding livestock, collecting eggs, and watering the greenhouses. Managers will cover chores when Apprentices are attending CRAFT meetings or workshops.


Apprentices will receive a stipend of $250/wk with housing or $350/week without housing. There is a tax withholding taken out of the stipend. Apprentices also get a share of farm produce, farm-subsidized health insurance, and a 20% discount at our farm stand. Housing may be provided by the farm. We are currently exploring rental options in Hamilton and surrounding towns for the 2013 season.

Please email with your resume and cover letter if interested. Thank you!