Jones Valley Teaching Farm hiring Urban Farmer

Birmingham, Alabama

Urban Farmer


Application Due: December 1, 2013

Position Start: February 1, 2014

Organizational Description

Jones Valley Teaching Farm operates a 3-acre urban farm in Birmingham, Alabama, where quality curriculum is designed and delivered by knowledgeable instructors who provide insight into food systems, and convey the importance of making food choices that are healthy for ourselves and our community.

Job Description

We are seeking to hire a full time, permanent position with salary and benefits: the Urban Farmer is responsible for performing and coordinating the day-to-day farm production operations on our 3-acre urban farm. This position is an excellent opportunity for an advanced apprentice to gain management experience.

General Function

The Urban Farmer works collaboratively with the Farm Director to create a superior outdoor learning environment, maintaining a high standard of aesthetics and productivity for the farm. The Urban Farmer’s focus is on and in the field—performing many farm tasks directly, but also facilitating, directing, and training individuals with varying degrees of farming experience. The Urban Farmer helps to develop and prioritize a plan for the week, then works with the crew to make that plan a reality while remaining responsive to the changing and often idiosyncratic needs of the living things that grow and work on the farm.


  • The Urban Farmer will participate in the daily coordination of activities for our Farm Fellows Program, a year-long internship in farming and education.
  • The Urban Farmer will participate in overseeing all aspects of crop production, soil management, and produce marketing on the farm including: soil amending, cover crop management, bed preparations, seeding, transplanting, greenhouse management, pest and disease management, compost building, irrigation, cultivation, weeding, harvesting crops, and post harvest produce management.
  • The Urban Farmer is expected to participate in marketing produce through our Farm Stand, Farmers Markets, and Wholesale accounts, maintaining a high level of quality control with all sales.
  • The Urban Farmer maintains detailed bed records, crop yields, harvest reports, and will participate in the ordering and purchasing of farm and marketing supplies.
  • The Urban Farmer will participate in managing maintenance repairs and improvements of equipment and facilities; developing and maintaining organization and storage of farm equipment, materials, and supplies; maintaining consistent visitor safety, security, and general appearance of the site; and implementing systems and protocols for the delegation of general janitorial/ housekeeping tasks around the farm center.
  • The Urban Farmer will regularly communicate with the education staff and community garden volunteers to ensure that they have the farm-related resources that they need for success. Occasionally they will be asked to lead formal and informal tours of the farm for the general public, as well as lead community work days, or assist in weekend watering duties.

Skills Required

  • A deep understanding of organic and sustainable growing practices
  • Ability to maintain a positive and constructive attitude
  • Proven and confident leadership and the ability to perform as a clear, encouraging, demanding, teacher/trainer/instructor
  • Excellent communication skills and coordination abilities, with the ability to multi-task and exhibit flexibility in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to work and communicate well with a diverse group of individuals, including university/college students, children, and community-based partners
  • Must be physically capable of lifting 50+lbs and participating in the physical needs of gardening and landscape work for long days and in all weather
  • Safely and skillfully operate and provide basic maintenance of a variety of farm equipment, implements, hand tools, power equipment, and farm vehicles
  • An awareness and passion for health and nutrition, and food and social justice issues


A successful applicant will possess a minimum of two years of experience/ training in sustainable organic farming methods and will have a demonstrated record of community service and or civic engagement.

Bachelor’s degree required. Degree in Agriculture or Environmental Science or related field and/or Farm Apprentice training is preferred.

-Valid Driver’s License
-Criminal background checks required


To apply please email current resume, cover letter and unofficial transcript(s) to:

Katherine Davis

Subject: Urban Farmer