Holly Hill Farm hiring Farm Workers and Farm Store Assistant

Cohasset, Massachusetts
Holly Hill Farm is a small 3 acre certified organic farm in Cohasset MA.  We are seeking two Farm Workers and a Farm Store Assistant.  One Farm Worker will work March through October and the second will work May through September.  The Farm Store Assistant is a part time position that begins in March and lasts until December.  Pay and responsibility will vary based on your experience.  Please note that housing is included and the pay reflects that benefit.  Contact Farm Manager Deanna if you’re interested, specifying which position you are interested in.  I will send you more detailed information about the jobs we are offering, along with more info about the farm operation.  Please read below for a bit more information.
We are seeking two Farm Workers (one March-October, one May-September) who will participate in every aspect of our farm operation from soil to seed to harvest to sale. This is an opportunity for somebody who has some experience farming and wants to diversify and deepen that experience.  Two years Farming preferred, but don’t hesitate to apply anyway!  For someone that has significant experience, a sub-managerial position may be created.  We grow three acres of diverse crops that we sell on site in our farm stand and at one weekly market.  We also sell locally made goods and produce in our stand.  We also sell organic garden plants and hold three plant sales each year, the largest being held over two weekends in May.
An educational non-profit on the farm brings dozens of kids to the farm on a daily basis through summer camps and school visits.  While we do not lead these programs, we are constantly interfacing with young people and teachers, and sometimes they work with us on the farm.  We also work with volunteers on a weekly basis.  Ability to work with people is a must.
We are a slightly quirky farm with a lot of moving parts and a very rich history.  A candidate who can observe what’s going on around them and pick up the lay of the land will settle in well.  Farm Workers work 10 hour days Tuesday through Sat plus a 1/2 day Sunday, except when longer hours are required, for example on Market Days, during high harvest periods, periods of drought, etc.  Compensation includes board on the farm in the historic farmhouse, as well as a weekly monetary pay.  Past communal living experiences are a plus.  For more information or to apply, please contact Deanna. (dlevanti @ yahoo.com)