Temple-Wilton Community Farm hiring Apprentices

Wilton, New Hampshire

Seeking apprentices for the 2014 growing season at the Temple-Wilton Community Farm, the oldest continuously operating CSA in the country.

We operate a 130+ acre diversified biodynamic farm in Wilton, NH.  We have a year-round dairy operation, farrow-to-finish pastured pig, pasture-raised (farm processed) chicken, and pastured layer hen and meat sheep operation, all of which we manage with intensive rotational multi-species grazing.  We sell raw milk directly from the farm to our CSA members as well the general public.  We also make a wide range of raw milk cheeses which we age in our own cheese cave.  Additionally, we raise almost 50 different kinds of vegetables on 7 acres, which provides our CSA members with year-round vegetables.

We have openings for 5 apprentices: three in the vegetables, two in the dairy/livestock/pasture.  We are open to apprentices who seek a broad, intensive, hands-on learning situation, who don’t hesitate to take on new challenges, make mistakes and learn from them and take on responsibilities they might not otherwise take on.  In addition to what we offer on the farming side of things, we also offer the larger experience of working and living in a diverse community of people.

Apprentices are provided with housing at the farm and a monthly $500 stipend.  The best thing is to actually visit the farm, the next best thing is to visit our new website www.twcfarm.com

To get abetter sense of who we are and what we offer.  In particular, check out the “apprenticeships” page on the website.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.  For those interested in vegetable apprenticeships, contact Anthony Graham at agraham@tellink.net   For this interested in the dairy/livestock/pasture side of things, please contact Andrew Kennedy at andrew@twcfarm.com.
We look forward to hearing from you!