White Buffalo Farm hiring Vegetable Production Manager

Paonia, Colorado

Experienced Resident Vegetable Production Manager position available on 4 acres within matrix of a larger organic fruit farm in Colorado.  This is Colorado’s oldest organic farm and is certified USDA organic. Farm utilizes high tunnels and starter greenhouses for year-round production.

Position involves supervision and coordination, strong mechanical aptitudes, excellent planning skills and a green thumb!   Responsibilities include overseeing and implementing daily agricultural activities at the farm which include operation and maintenance of farm equipment and irrigation systems, managing farm crew (including work traders, apprentices, volunteers, and interns),  crop planning, soil preparation, starting seedlings and running starter greenhouse, transplanting, direct seeding, cultivation, crop maintenance, harvest, and post-harvest processing. Vegetable Manager must also track yield, seed costs and yields by keeping excellent records. Must map crops using program similar to Ag Squared or by hand.  Excellent field coding is required.

Position requires upkeep of all farm work spaces, tools and generally excellent organizational skills.   The Vegetable Manager ensure set-up of equipment and facility repairs and maintenance, and record keeping in all regards.  Vegetable Manager will also run the farm’s soil enhancement program including compost, vermiculture, cover crops and a full range of other soil fertility programs.  Knowledge of biodynamics is a plus.  The Vegetable Manager will also implement a strong weed management program to include a plan for complete thistle eradication in three years.

Start date no later than March 1.  The successful applicant must have at least 2- 5 years of vegetable farming experience and be interested in full season commitment. Must be creative and efficient, organized and able to balance both production and finance schedules and deadlines. Required skills include: operating tractors, rototiller and other implements for vegetable production as well as basic computer skills (Word, Outlook, Excel).

Must possess good communication skills and be able to work as part of a team.  Demonstrates excellent coordination skills with CSA coordinator and Farmers Market lead.   Should have a good attitude, and be physically capable of working long days and lifting 40+ lbs. A successful candidate will have experience with medium-to-large scale production, and be able to contribute ideas on how to expand and diversify the operation. This CSA provides product to 50 members and sells at local farmers’ markets, engages in direct-marketing to local chefs and restaurants, and has an on-site processing kitchen to process and market value-added products.  We plan to grow to 100 or more members this year.

Other projects in the works are natural building workshops and the formation of a farm based eco-village. This is a work trade position with monthly stipend and 2014 season bonus.  Compensation annual equivalent of $20,000 to $30,000 is commensurate with experience. Basic on-site housing and excellent organic meals included. Profit sharing for the season will be based on mutually agreed upon production and sales goals and maintaining expense budget goals.

This is a draft job description to be refined with whomever we recruit during/after interview process and finalized together at job start.  The job description for each position is a working document and would be refined over time as we all learn together.

Send resume and cover letter with three references to wltalmage@tds.net