Food Joy hiring Farm Manager

Auburn, Maine

Food Joy is an Auburn, Maine-based nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a vibrant and joyful atmosphere surrounding nourishment, food culture, and eating. Building on the belief that humans are dramatically more likely to accomplish an objective that is fun and easy, our goal is to inspire people to cook and eat together, by empowering them with tools, skills and ingredients that make cooking endeavors both successful and fun.

Food Joy is looking for a dynamic and enthusiastic Farm Manager to lead it’s flagship program, South Auburn Organic Farm. The Farm is currently the primary supplier of produce for Food Joy’s culinary-style CSA. We want someone with experience in farming and gardening, a general knowledge of sustainable food systems, and a love of growing produce. Skills required include:

  • Dynamic leadership skills and a proactive “adapt-and-overcome” attitude
  • Bachelors degree in food, agriculture, or related field preferred but not required
  • Significant experience in growing produce on sustainable farming operations (evaluated on case-by-case basis)
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Reliable transportation and valid driver’s license

The goal of South Auburn Organic Farm is to successfully grow enough quality produce to supply a growing CSA in a positive team atmosphere under the leadersip of someone hungry to make a difference in the world but lighthearted enough to have a good time and remember why we bother with any of this.

The Duties of the Farm Manager include:

  • Help the Executive Director successfully transition out of this position, and begin to take it over yourself during 2014 while the farm undergoes structural and facilities upgrades; The goal is to ultimately lead to a seasonal full-time, salaried position in 2015 when upgrades are complete.
  • Manage approximately 3/4 acre of farmland in 2014 – including but not limited to vision, planning, certifications, planting, cultivation, soil fertility and pest management, crop rotations, harvest, and packing. The executive director will assist you and do a large share of work you “assign” her in 2014.
  • Coordinate efficiently with executive director who is using weekly produce availability to determine that week’s CSA recipes and menu.
  • Recruit and manage any volunteer(s) you may want to groom for 2015
  • Keep the farm running smoothly and efficiently

This position is part-time seasonal, lasting approximately 6 months from May to October. Compensation is $12/hr. The hours will fluctuate, but will probably range between 5 to 15 hours per week, depending on the time of year and how effectively you have managed your workload.


Application Deadline is March 31st but applications will be considered on a rolling basis. We reserve to right to hire at will.

If you are interested, please email a cover letter and resume (being sure to detail relevant experience or education) to Karen Bolduc, Executive Director: No phone calls please.


March 31st