Wahatoya Community Initiatives hiring Farm to Table Educational Interns

La Veta, Colorado

Farm to Table Educational Internships

Wahatoya Community Initiatives, a non-profit organization located in rural South Central Colorado whose mission is dedicated to the local food movement, is looking for eight farm and culinary interns for our 2014 season.  Wahatoya Community Farm is our decentralized educational market farm run by agricultural student interns.  The farm produces a weekly CSA Membership basket, runs a farm store and the local farmers market and organizes Farm to Table events.   The Farm to Table Educational Internship Program explores innovative practices in market farming and bio-intensive farm production, community service and activism, Permaculture principles and design, preparing and preserving seasonal local food and many other aspects of a local food movement.

Intern candidates are self-motivated, community-oriented and would like to make sustainable farming or some aspect of local food their livelihood. Sustainable agricultural experience or schooling is a plus as is any culinary arts experience.  We are looking for individuals who can make a contribution to this educational program by sharing skills and knowledge.  Hands-on farming and active participation in such areas as setting up and selling at the farmer’s market, teaching gardening and farming workshops, and preparing and serving Farm to Table meals is very fun and rewarding . Please see the list of internship positions available for the 2014 season on our web-site.

The internship begins March 31st and ends November 1st, 2014.  It is free to participate in the program and we provide dormitory-style, comfortable accommodations and all meals, which are prepared with regional organic food. At this time, there is no stipend provided but there is ample time to work in the community for spending money.  This is a unique opportunity to make a difference by participating in the farm to table movement.  If you are looking for an integral experience of a new way to farm, grow, eat and live, then we encourage you to apply.  For more info or apply go to:  www.wahatoya.org.  You may also email Kristina Heim at kristina@wahatoya.org  or call 719-742-3510.