Hill Hollow Farm hiring Farm Assistant

Petersburgh, New York

Hill Hollow Farm is a small-scale, diversified farm located on a dead end, dirt road in Upstate New York in Eastern Rensselaer County. We are nestled in the Taconic Mountain range and in close proximity to the bigger towns of Troy, NY, Williamstown, MA and Bennington, VT. We operate a growing vegetable and meat CSA with an estimated 50 members this season. We raise chickens for eggs and meat, pastured pork and grass-fed beef. Additionally, we keep a Jersey dairy cow, Nubian goats and assorted poultry.

Some of our land borders state forest and the Taconic Crest Trail is on an Easterly ridge behind our property. There are numerous biking and hiking trails, and walks around our farm and we have a nice pond for cooling off on hot days. It is a spectacular place to live.

As farmers we believe that we act as stewards of the land and that the land should be left better and more fertile than when we found it.  We are not certified organic, however, we use organic methods. Operating at the small scale that we do, we have no need to use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We fertilize with compost made from plant and animal waste and control pests through crop rotation, companion planting, sprays made from plants and hand-picking. Our animals are raised humanely, with dignity and are used to improve our land and meet our holistic goals.

We are looking for an assistant (possibly two) who can provide the following:

  • Work 5 days per week from June-October.
  • Work 6-8 hours per day (30-40 hrs per week).
  • Has a valid drivers license and is willing to make csa deliveries.
  • Will get their hands dirty via planting, harvesting and weeding and pest control.
  • Is not afraid of manure and willing to do animal chores.
  • Assist in the butchering of poultry.
  • Can lift at least 50 pounds.
  • Can come to work with a positive attitude, take instructions and collaborate well.
  • Self-motivated, you can find something to do without instructions.
  • A willingness to live in “rustic” conditions. You will have power and water.
  • Keep a watchful eye on our 1 year old child for short periods of time.
  • Assist in community chores such as food preparation and cleaning.
  • Assist in social marketing for the farm including Facebook/Instagram updates, blogs and newsletters.
  • A passion for local food, local economies and sustainable food production.

In return we are offering:

  • $100 per week in payment.
  • Unlimited veggies from the gardens.
  • $25 of value in meat each week.
  • Private living quarters.
  • Learning how to prepare and preserve food.
  • Shared meals with our family.
  • Allowed time away from the farm.
  • A healthy and positive working environment.

Things to consider:

  • We are a new and young farm. We are still bootstrapping everyday.
  • Farming is hard work and must be done in all weather conditions.
  • Farming is very healthy and rewarding but also physically demanding.
  • Financial, physical and emotional stresses are inevitable on a farm. But fun is a must.

Still interested? You can visit our farm website http://www.hillhollow-farm.com  with all our information, pictures, blog updates and social media connections and email us directly at thehillhollowfarm@gmail.com