Buttermilk Falls Farmers hiring Interns

Osceola, Wisconsin

We are now hiring interns for our Buttermilk Falls 2014 Season.  Please read on to find out more about available internships and then complete the application on our website www.buttermilkcsa.com to be considered for a position. Direct all questions to Lindsey at csa@buttermilkcsa.com.


We are looking for reliable, responsible and hardworking individuals who are able to follow directions and communicate well with others. The ability to blur the lines between work and play is a major plus! Ideal applicants are available for a 3-month stay at the farm, with some 6-month and long term stays considered. Excellent people skills, initiative, and the physical ability to work daily with hands, wrists and back, and to lift 50 pounds regularly are desirable. Interns should expect to work outside in all weather conditions including rain, snow and daily summer heat. While previous farming experience is preferred, it is not required – however, it is essential that candidates are committed to the farming lifestyle and all that it demands. Finding a good match between what our farm can offer and the needs and expectations of an intern are incredibly important.

Job Description:

At Buttermilk Falls Farm, interns are involved in all aspects of the farm and work closely with the farmers. Interns will learn to use farming equipment, greenhouse management, field cultivation, irrigation systems, harvesting, post harvest handling, distribution, and animal care. Working on the farm requires the physical capability to contribute daily in a rigorous, diverse agricultural setting. Farm work offers an incredibly rewarding and demanding work environment and life experience. Please consider this commitment before applying.

Buttermilk Falls, in addition to being a CSA farm, also serves surrounding communities as a nature and folk-based education center, with visiting volunteer, organizational, and school groups throughout the year. Interns that are interested will have the opportunity to assist with the on-farm educational visits which include daytime/overnight visits and programming. All interns will be expected to interact with and direct volunteers throughout the season.


Interns live and work on the farm, and will share many meals in a communal fashion. In fact, one area of need on the farm will be cooking shared meals and mealtime cleanup. The food is delicious and fresh, one of the many great perks of living on a farm! Intern housing options are currently diverse and will be appropriated based on current numbers and dynamics. All options will include a bathroom with a shower, cozy sleeping room, laundry facilities and access to a shared kitchen/food storage. Interns are expected to work full-time on the farm with time off allotted as appropriate based on farm needs.  This is a multiple household community, so it is important for interns to be comfortable sharing their living spaces with other people, and to have the ability to self-care in this type of environment.