Massachusetts State Grange hiring Publicity Coordinator


Massachusetts State Grange Publicity Coordinator

Purpose of Job Posting

The Massachusetts State Grange is seeking responses from a qualified individual to promote Grange and Grange activities through proper media channels for the most effective publicity.

Candidates should have education in the field of publicity and promotion, good organizational skills, and the ability to work with a variety of age groups and people. Social media experience is essential, marketing experience a plus.

Acquisition method

Fee for service – selected candidate will be compensated for each project up to $300 per week upon receipt of an invoice and outline of work completed. The selected candidate will enter into an at will agreement with the Massachusetts State Grange.

Specific Duties may include:

  • Coordinate publicity/ information through all appropriate media channels utilized by the Grange and beyond – including current as well as new venues: State Grange News, State Grange Website, Facebook, Blog, Twitter, etc.
  • Work with appropriate State Grange officials including each of the appropriate State Grange Committees to develop a media plan and timeline for effective publicity and promotion of the Grange and the respective Committee work.
  • Coordinate press coverage at various State Grange events including the Annual Massachusetts State Grange Session held in October.
  • Develop a speaker list of those members appropriate to represent the State Grange at events where media may attend.
  • Develop a comprehensive media list
  • Conduct media training for State Grange Officials as well as for community Grange membership
  • Work with local Grange chapter to provide tools for effective Grange publicity

Instructions for the Submission of Responses

All proposals must include:

  1. Résumé
  2. A short description of the Respondent’s experience in performing this type of work
  3. Proposed project work plan based on duties outlined above.

Deadline for Proposals: June 1, 2014

Submission Requirements:

Proposals must be sent electronically to Kathleen Peterson, Chairperson – Massachusetts State Grange Executive Committee at by the deadline. Any questions concerning this job posting must be directed to Ms. Kathy Peterson at


Proposals will be evaluated based upon the following criteria:

  • The demonstrated experience in satisfactorily completing similar projects
  • Completeness of the proposal
  • Proposed project work plan

The selected candidate will be informed in writing in a timely manner of the decision through a detailed letter which will serve as an agreement between the Massachusetts State Grange and the selected candidate. For more information about the Massachusetts State Grange, visit