Everblossom Farm hiring Seasonal Farm Employees

East Berlin, Pennsylvania

2014-2015 Full Time Employment at Everblossom Farm

Position: 2014-2015 Seasonal Farm Employees

Duration: October 2014- October 2015

• Exact start and end dates are negotiable

• Arrangements will be outlined in a written agreement

• Longer-term employment and a permanent position is available (this is based on employee’s performance, farm’s success, and discretion of farm owner).

Structure of the farm and the Seasonal Positions

• All aspects of production and marketing are overseen and managed by farmer/owner.

• Full-time employees will work with the farmer/owner to carryout all farm functions. (Specific duties below.)

• Full-time employees will report directly to the farm owner.

• Performance discussions with employee will be conducted on a schedule set by farm owner. The discussions will be used to clarify expectations for employees, help to set goals, and evaluate progress and overall performance. Seasonal employees are expected to use the discussions to ask questions, make suggestions and set goals for the next period.

• In addition to performance discussions, all employees must demonstrate a willingness to receive on-the-job training and feedback on the fly as we carry out day-to-day farm operations


Full-time employees will engage in several aspects of production and marketing on this diversified organic farm, under the direction of the farm owner.

This might include:

• seeding, transplanting, weeding, irrigation, harvest, and packing of produce;

• marketing and deliveries of produce via farmers’ markets, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), and wholesale accounts;

• general maintenance of farm infrastructure, cleaning, basic repairs, and painting;

• operation of small engine equipment such as mowers, trimmers, walk behind tractor, etc.;

• assisting with livestock management, for example: feeding, cleaning, caring for rotating, and processing pastured poultry on an as-needed basis.


• timeliness

• hustle

• clear communication

• strong work ethic

• ability to balance attention to detail while developing and maintaining an quick pace

• willingness to work outdoors daily in all weather conditions

• ability to maintain a positive attitude when conditions are stressful

• experience with physically demanding situations and/or manual labor

• farm work experience is preferred

• willingness to receive on-the-job training and feedback on the fly as we carry out day-to-day farm operations

• performance discussion schedule to be determined by assistant manager

• communal living situation includes children and pets


• Housing in our large historic farmhouse full of modern amenities.

• Hourly wage dependent on experience

• Produce from the farm, when surplus is available, or as negotiated with farm owner

• Opportunities for winter work, longer term employment, and increase in compensation for exceptional performance


• No pets allowed

• Vacation time is limited, but available. Must be scheduled in advance.

• Employees that reside on farm must contribute time to cleaning shared housing and helping with cutting firewood, landscaping, etc.

Application Procedures

Contact: Elaine Lemmon, farmer/owner elaine.lemmon@gmail.com 717-253-7797

Provide resume, cover letter, and 3 references via email.