Everybody Eats seeking Farmer Cultivation Center Interns

Boulder, Colorado

Scholarships available

A New Generation of Farmers

The Farmer Cultivation Center is committed to growing a new generation of farmers by helping them obtain farming and business planning skills to start or manage a farm operation.

Our philosophy is to integrate a rigorous hands-on farming experience with a broad variety of classroom and self study lessons that span topics including horticulture, business skills, operational excellence, and innovative marketing.

Participants learn all aspects of running a farm business. When they complete the program, the FCC helps them start a new farm in Boulder!

We have developed a curriculum that integrates existing local expertise with a national  knowledge base into a single, comprehensive program designed to qualify graduates for local farming opportunities.

Students spend quality time in the field working in teams with the farm manager. Self study topics and classroom time is synchronized with the flow of the farm season to create a relevant link between technical knowledge and practical know-how.

Farmer Cultivation Center Interns

The Horticulture Track is an 8 month commitment, designed to teach all the basic skills needed to grow vegetables in the challenging climate of the Colorado Front Range. These skills will make you a better grower, now matter where you end up. The March through October program offers a full season experience that starts with seed propagation and ends with the harvest of our fall crops.

The hands-on experience includes each trainee managing a 1/4 acre plot at the FCC. They have opportunities to plan the season’s production, design the beds, create a planting and harvest schedule, and manage labor to make it all happen. Special techniques like drip irrigation, row cover,

Graduates will be qualified to start and manage a variety of small scale garden operations, from personal victory gardens to community gardens and small urban farms. Students who choose to continue on with their training to become qualified commercial market farmers can apply to participate in the follow on Market Farming Track.

The Market Farming Track is a 2 year commitment, designed to prepare participants for a successful career as farmers in Boulder County. The program is intentionally rigorous with the goal of helping new farmers adjust to the realities of operating a farm business. The first year of the program is the Horticulture Track.

In the second year, the classroom instruction continues, with a focus on developing a business plan. Additionally, students learn how to scale the basics learned in the Horticulture Track into higher production methods including plastic mulch, effective use of tractor implements, large scale seed propagation, weed and pest control, cover cropping, soil health and nutrition, post harvest handling, and packaging.