AEA Pure Dawn Farm hiring Farm Manager

Orwell, Ohio

AEA Pure Dawn Farm
Farm Manager
Job Description

AEA Pure Dawn Farm is an innovative, 160-acre start-up fruit and vegetable farm  located in Orwell, Ohio. Pure Dawn Farm will fully implement the best practices of sustainable agriculture, permaculture and regenerative soil and crop management systems.

The mission of Pure Dawn Farm is to become the ultimate demonstration of regenerative agricultural practices in the world – for farmers, retailers, consumers, and other potential stakeholders. With this in mind, Pure Dawn is seeking to build a team of like-minded individuals who share a passion for for this mission.

Pure Dawn Farm is a startup with no established infrastructure or crop plan. Resources are available to accomplish the farm managers responsibilities.

The objectives of Pure Dawn are:

  1. To demonstrate the effectiveness of regenerative agriculture and nutritional integrity by  rebuilding soil health, and producing crops with complete disease and insect resistance.
  2. To demonstrate the economic and ecological impact of combining regenerative farming systems and production permaculture practices.
  3. To demonstrate the ability to regenerate farmland which has been degraded and is no longer productive.
  4. To provide a restful and relaxing oasis -with a feeling of profound peacefulness-for visitors and guests.

Job Summary:

AEA Pure Dawn Farm is seeking a full-time senior Farm Manager to oversee all of the various activities of the farm- from production to external communications. The Farm Manager will be the most important  member of the team in determining the success of the farm.

The Farm Manager must be a strong leader, with an entrepreneurial spirit, and a sense of urgency for completing important  tasks. Pure Dawn Farm will be  an open and interactive farm,  excellent communication skills and the proven ability to work well with others will be critical skills. The Farm Manager must be enthusiastic and articulate about (and will be required to present) the benefits of regenerative farming systems to CSA members, volunteers, interns, funders, and journalists while meeting all of the other responsibilities required of the position. The Farm Manager will report directly to the Board of Directors, and will assist the Board in co-creating and implementing a strategic farm plan.

Pure Dawn is hiring immediately, in preparation for the 2015 farm season.


  • Communicate the vision and mission of the farm to all internal and external audiences.
  • Prepare, oversee, and manage annual CSA, operating and capital budgets, and business plan.
  • Plan, manage, and execute the planting, cultivation, irrigation, harvesting, and cultural management of all field crops.
  • Direct special projects including fencing, irrigation, carpentry, and other capital projects.
  • Oversee disease and insect pest management.
  • Purchase farm supplies and seeds.
  • Maintain detailed farm records.
  • Maintain a clean, safe, and organized work environment.
  • Recruit, and manage seasonal production and harvesting staff.
  • Train staff in the safe use of equipment and facilities.
  • Work effectively and cooperatively with all stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with marketing manager and be directly involved with the management of CSA share-holder relations and communications.
  • Build apprenticeship programs.
  • Co-develop and plan farm infrastructure plan.
  • Contribute content to CSA newsletter, social media, and farm website.
  • Provide weekly reports and updates to the Board of Directors.
  • Attend board meetings as requested.

Experience Required:

  • 3 to 5 years of organic fruit and vegetable production on 15+ acre scale.
  • Understanding of CSA management
  • Understanding of agricultural principles such as: whole farm planning, crop rotations, permaculture principles, cultural management of perennial crops and tree fruit, regenerative farming concepts, cover cropping, soil and plant sciences, and holistic management,
  • Prior farm management experience.
  • Experience running and maintaining farm vehicles, equipment, and greenhouses.
  • Experience and comfortable working with horses.
  •  Strong computer skills.

Abilities & Skills:

  • A positive upbeat attitude and willingness to be flexible with a commitment to achieving long-term goals and visions.
  • Able to work with a sense of urgency.
  • Creative and high-energy.
  • Ability to communicate cordially, professionally and effectively with external audiences.
  • Must enjoy working with people, be able to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Must be able to manage people effectively.
  • Must be a self starter and self motivated.
  • Experience in marketing is preferred.
  • Must be willing to learn new skills.


Starting salary is commensurate with experience and qualifications. Housing will be provided.

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