Knight Farm hiring Farm Manager

Glocester, Rhode Island

Knight Farm located in Glocester, RI is in search of a Farm Manager.

BACKGROUND – Knight Farm is a 40 acre, mostly, apple orchard. It was owned by the Knight Family for more than 150 years until it was purchased by the current owner in 2004. The current owner is a real estate developer and purchased the farm with the intention to develop the land but fell in love with it. Early in 2008 it was decided we must make every effort to preserve such as a historic farm. It was at that time a breakfast restaurant and ice cream parlor were added at Knight Farm. It took 3 years to get the 100 year old trees back in shape. Currently the farm is a Pick Your Own/ U-Pick Orchard.

Knight Farm is looking for a FARM MANAGER with a passion to continue to revitalize the most well known and iconic farms in Northern Rhode Island.

The candidate must have minimum a BA degree or extensive (more than 5 years) experience in full time farming, Apple farming is most preferred. We are looking for the manager to work with the owner in implementing many of the following list of items. Not necessarily all at once but over time with a plan.

  • Candidate must move to Knight Farm. Housing will be provided. We have the original Farm home vacant and ready for our first Farm Manager.
    Apple Tree spray regiment/program – This is first and foremost the most important item on the list.
  • Designing and ordering new block of tall spindle system Apple Trees
  • Planting Pumpkin, Gourd, Sugar Pumpkin Patch with effective spray program and opening a Large Scale Pumpkin patch for 2015.
  • Help to prepare fields and plant Corn for Maze to open fall 2015
  • Working with local restaurants to plant and maintain a summer garden for sale and use at their establishments. We currently have an approximately 8000 sf garden to produce fresh vegetables for our breakfast restaurant during the growing season. Candidate will be responsible for planting, spraying and harvesting the produce.
  • Co-coordinating the purchase of produce not grown at Knight Farm for sale in our produce stand during season. So we may offer a variety of produce for our customers
  • Fall Season – Co-coordinating purchase of fall items if not grown at Knight Farm such as Hay, Pumpkins, Sugar Pumpkins, gourds, Mums, Corn Stalks.
  • Contacting many local schools to book school tours for the Spring and Fall seasons.
  • Having basic knowledge of Farm equipment and to be resourceful while maintaining and fixing equipment as necessary.
  • Contacting local vendors to provide sale for early apples
  • Identify new Local and Federal grants that may benefit Knight Farm and we hopefully can take advantage of.
  • Help to purchase Cider press and Cider Donut making machine. Implement these products into the produce stand

Knight Farm has the ambition and resources to complete all tasks listed above but will need the help of that one special person.

Candidate will have freedom to express ideas while working with the owner to expand the business of farming at Knight Farm. The owner will provide guidance and whatever is necessary to give the best chance for success. You must bring knowledge, passion, common sense and a strong work ethic to the job.

As compensation the candidate will receive housing, breakfast and lunch daily along with an agreed salary. This is not an hourly job. Candidate must be able to manage time effectively to maintain and grow the orchard according to the short and long term plans.

If you love farming, have a passion for what you do, and would like to find a long term home this just might be the place for you.

Please send resume and or qualifications via email to

Knight Farm LLC

1 Snake Hill Road

Glocester, RI 02857