Corner Post Meats hiring Interns/Apprentices

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Multi-Species Grass-Based Ranch & Meats Business

Internship /Apprenticeship

Corner Post Meats is a sustainable multi-species meats business which raises all of its livestock on properties in Colorado near the city of Colorado Springs. We currently produce grass-finished beef and lamb and pasture raised pork, chicken, eggs and turkey. We are putting together a team of interns to help with daily chores, meat deliveries and build the business to the next level. Hands down you will get out what you put into the experience. You will at the end the day be physically worn out yet gratified as well as emotionally satisfied and fulfilled because you can see and understand what you did today and why it makes a difference.

There are opportunities for up to 3 Interns

4 month commitment
Paid $300 per month
Work 5 days per week

Shared housing is provided, which includes a full kitchen, bath and bunk house style quarters, which is a drug-free environment
Internet, power and utilities are provided by CPM at no additional cost to the intern
2 community meals each day

–         Meal planning, cooking and cleaning is a rotating responsibility
–         Cooking lessons are available
–         A share of meat and eggs are provided for other meals

You will be exposed to all aspects of the business, including production and grazing of multi-species animals, meat sales, marketing and logistics.

There will be chances for additional education in grazing management, nutrition, cooking, butchery and other topics available.

At end of the Internship there is the possibility to be selected for a year-long Apprenticeship.

Apprentices are hand-picked based on performance, attitude and best fit for the future of Corner Post Meats. An Apprentice will be tasked with managing and leading the interns.

Once you have completed the Internship and Apprenticeship programs, numerous team spots for partnership, subcontracting or symbiotic entrepreneurship are available, depending on needs and opportunities. Everything starts with the internship.

Application Process:

Please respond with your responses to the following questions. Initial contact will be made via email to clarify any questions from you or Corner Post Meats. An audio-visual interview (Skype or Google Hangout) will follow.

Internship may begin as soon as November 3rd.

1) Describe your vision of sustainability within the context of regenerative agriculture, food systems and land stewardship. In what ways are you acting on this vision within your own life?
2) What are your long‐term career goals, and how does your time at Corner Post Meats help you along that path?
3) What experience have you had with the actual operations side of ranch life: birth and death, mud, 12‐hour days, etc.?
4) Tell us about any experience or interest you have in agriculture, including caring for animals, vegetable gardening, land stewardship/management, etc.
5) Similarly, can you say with reasonable certainty that you would be able to handle regular exposure to dust, pollen and animal dander? What activities requiring physical strength and endurance do you regularly engage in?
6) What life experiences will help you work closely with others day after day?
7) What do you hope to learn about yourself during the internship experience?
8) Continuing opportunities include a significant leadership‐development component. Provide an example from your past when you needed to take a leadership role. How might this internship contribute to your ability to lead, and/or be a bridge between the sustainable agriculture community and other communities?
9) What skills, background, and/or qualities do you have that will be an asset to the ranch’s internship program?
10) The intern is required to drive on a regular basis. Do you have a valid driver’s license?
11) Where/How did you hear about this internship opportunity?


  1. Your updated Résumé.
  2. Two professional references + one personal reference: Please include the name, address, phone, email, and context in which you know each person.

Dan Lorenz
Cell Phone: 970.381.8751