Sacred Foods Farm hiring Partners

Keysville, Virginia

Sacred Foods Farm Seeking Partners

Worker-owned farm business emerging at Sacred Foods Farm. We seek partners with compatible vision, commitment, and energy to heal the land, grow nutrient dense food, and build a thriving farm business.

Sacred Foods Farm comprises 111 acres in Keysville, Virginia, located halfway between Richmond and Lynchburg.  We seek partners with appropriate experience to launch a poly-culture pasture and woodland farm.  Profit centers include apiary, pastured poultry and water fowl, pigs in oak glens, no-till garden, and grass-based dairy. Partners will work together to plan, manage, produce, process, and direct market nutrient dense foods.  Partners will share profits.

Housing available on farm.

Please send letter of introduction to  Feel free to include any questions you may have of this unique opportunity.

You can find us on Facebook at Sacred Foods Farm.