Astarte Farm hiring Farm Crew Leader

Hadley, Massachusetts

Astarte Farm in Hadley, MA is looking for an experienced farm crew leader to oversee all aspects of our certified organic operation. Wholesale outlets have been lined up, there is a heated 26 X 48’ propagation greenhouse, two high tunnels and an irrigation system in place for the upcoming 2015 season. The farm is currently transitioning into a no-till, permaculture operation based on soil food web principles and we are actively trialing various biochar and perennial cover crop treatments in the production beds. The whole farm, with house and barns covers 6.5 acres of land and has been in organic production continually since 2000. The semi-permanent production beds, totaling about 2.7 acres, have grass paths between them and the required organic buffer zone around them is almost completely planted out in beneficial insect habitat. There are 450 row feet of high bush blueberries in production, 300 row feet of newly established bush and tree fruits and 150 row feet of table and wine grape trials.
The desired candidate has several years of certified organic production experience dealing with a wide variety of market garden produce and a familiarity with food safety issues and wholesale packing procedures. Accurate observational skills, clear analytical thinking and a desire to help create new production systems that not only maximize our harvest quality but also increase our measurable soil vitality are key attributes to bring to this position. Please submit a cover letter, resume and references that show your qualifications for this job to Dan Pratt (information below). Housing is not available on the farm.
Dan Pratt