Second Spring Farm hiring Two Staff Members

Wheatland, Virginia

Second Spring Farm hiring 2 people for 2015 season

Second Spring Farm is a successful 3-acre vegetable farm in Wheatland, VA, located 10 miles from the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers in the Blue Ridge mountains and 45 miles northwest of Washington, DC. Within the surrounding 400 acres there are five quite different farming operations, a dozen farmers (some retired), and a couple dozen workers, making for a dynamic farming community.

We are looking for two people to help with all aspects of producing and selling high-quality vegetables grown with sustainable, ecological methods. We sell wholesale to four DC-area CSAs, a few retail stores, and to Whole Foods, and this year we are starting our own 80-member CSA.

The ideal candidate has two seasons vegetable farm work and is diligent, precise, and speedy in accomplishing the various tasks that appear over the course of a season. More important than physical ability, however, are the intellectual qualities of interest, thoughtfulness, and experience. We seek workers who want to understand the bigger picture of the operation, and who want to understand their work in the context of the whole farm.

$7 to $11/hour depending on experience and ability. We intend to hire two experienced workers at $10/hour full-season.

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