Tricycle Gardens hiring Greenhouse Fellow

Richmond, Virginia

Greenhouse Fellow

Job Responsibilities:

Tricycle Gardens is seeking a Greenhouse Fellow to assist with the seed starting operation at RVA’s Urban farm at 9th and Bainbridge on the south side. Applicants should be interested in growing organic/heirloom seeds and season extension techniques. The Greenhouse Fellow should expect to occasionally chip in on various farm projects in addition to their work in the greenhouse. Participation on volunteer workdays is encouraged and may lead to opportunities to help manage groups. It is important for Fellows to be self-motivated and determined as we work to develop our programming and to be aware of the advantage to approaching their work with patience and flexibility.


Greenhouse Fellows typically work an average of 10 to 12 hours per week on a consistent schedule (to be determined by applicant and Greenhouse Manager). This fellowship requires a minimum commitment of three months with preference given to applicants who are able to commit for 6+ months.

Educational Opportunities:

While working with Tricycle Gardens you will have access to all of our knowledge and experience as well as our small library.Educational and professional development opportunities for Tricycle Gardens’ Fellows include opportunities to participate in special projects, invitations to conferences and workshops, and scheduled tours with area farms and institutions.

To Apply:

Please send a resume and your responses to the following questions to

  • Why are you interested in plants and growing vegetables?
  • What experience do you have with plants and growing vegetables?
  • Is there anything that interests you about urban farming specifically?
  • Many greenhouse tasks (i.e. seeding and transplanting) are extremely tedious while demanding attention to detail.  Are you comfortable and/or familiar with this type of work? Please describe.

Weekend Waterers

Tricycle Gardens is looking for regular volunteers to help with watering on the weekends. Volunteers will sign up to work one (or more) Saturday or Sunday a month for + /– an hour watering the greenhouse and other areas of the farm. The farm is located at the corner of 9th and Bainbridge on the south side. If interested, please contact our greenhouse manager, Emily, at