Tricycle Gardens hiring Healthy Soil Fellow

Richmond, Virginia

Healthy Soil Fellow:

Job Responsibilities:

Tricycle Gardens has created a new fellowship opportunity for folks interested in learning about and supporting our extensive compost operations.

RVA’s Urban Farm is a functional urban market farm, as well as an educational center, that includes crops grown in the field and in hoop houses, a compost and vermicompost operation, a woodland edge and insectary plant border and perennial plants such as blueberries and figs.

Healthy Soil Fellows are responsible for picking up and processing food waste from our compost partners. They will assist in maintaining our vermicompost operation including two worm houses, two windrow compost piles and 19 slow cooking compost bins. The Fellow will work with local arborists for woodchip procurement.

Fellows will learn how to improve soil quality through application of amendments, helping the Farm Manager with soil tests and applying needed no-till or low-till farming techniques.


Healthy Soil Fellows will work 16 hours a week. The scheduling of these hours is flexible and will be determined by the Fellow and Farm Manager.

We require a three month commitment, with preference given to applicants who are able to commit to six, nine or twelve month terms.

Skills Desired:

Applicants should be interested in the production of compost, worm farming and vermiculture. Past experience is not required, but a healthy appreciation and respect for the soil and all its lovely microbes is a must!

This position requires physical stamina and cold/heat tolerance. Fellows will be expected to work extended hours outdoors, lift heavy objects and use power tools occasionally.

Our Farm Truck, used for the compost pick-ups, has a manual transmission.

Educational Opportunities:

While working with Tricycle Gardens you will have access to all of our knowledge and experience as well as our small library. Educational and professional development opportunities for Tricycle Gardens’ Fellows include opportunities to participate in special projects, invitations to conferences and workshops, and scheduled tours with area farms and institutions.

To Apply:

Please send a resume and your responses to the following questions to

  • Why are you interested healthy soil?
  • What experience do you have with plants, compost or growing vegetables?
  • Is there anything that interests you about urban farming specifically?
  • Do you intend to pursue farming as a career?