LadyBug Farm Offering Barter Rent for Farmwork

Waycross, Georgia

LadyBug Farm in Waycross, GA is looking for a single person or couple who is interested in trading work on the farm for rent.  We really want to find either a single person or a couple who is interested in learning about or engaging in homestead farm type activities. We are hoping to find a single person or couple who will bring their own energy and ideas. We are not looking for a specific age group, we are more interested in finding a likeminded person(s) to join our little farm.

LadyBug Farm off Central Ave, Waycross, GA Seeks House and Garden Caretaker (Rent for Work)

We have two options for the right person to choose from.

A 500 Square Foot fully furnished Studio Apartment or a 24’ Air Stream in Exchange for Work on Small Farm.

We are seeking a responsible, honest, able-bodied, drug-free, non-smoker (SINGLE or COUPLE) with no arrest record to help take care of a 2-acre farm property. No pets or children. This is for a long-term situation.

Caretaker will:

Option A: Enjoy accommodation of a fully furnished 500 square foot, studio apartment with a private entrance, fenced yard, private garden, full kitchen, private bathroom, large walk in closet, king size bed, and sleeper sofa. All furnishing are provided, all you need are your clothes and personal items.

Rent will be covered by your work, utilities will be covered by caretaker paying $200 a month for electricity, water, Internet, and cable. No alterations to the utilities will be made, the $200 is non-negotiable.

Option B: Enjoy accommodations of a fully furnished 24’ Excella Air Stream with a fenced yard, private garden, and private entrance.

Rent will be covered by your work, utilities will be covered by caretaker paying $100 a month for electricity, water, internet and cable. No alterations to the utilities will be made, the $100 is non-negotiable.

In both option, in addition to the accommodations, caretaker will have access to Certified Naturally Grown vegetables, eggs, pecans, various fruits and berries and goat milk in season and when available on the farm.

Caretaker Responsibilities

In return, the caretaker will do 10-15 hours of work per week depending on season of the year (generally 10 hours in the winter months and up to 15 hours generally in the spring, summer and fall months).

Duties include:
1. Weekly cutting the grass in the spring, summer and fall.
2. Weekly yard pickup.
3. Weekly yard and garden upkeep, mulching and weeding.
4. Watering and care of plants in greenhouse in season.
5. Feed and care of goats and chickens full-time.
6. Milking goats and collecting eggs daily.
7. Take care of dogs and farm animals when we are not in residence.
8. If couple is being accommodated, house duties will be included.

The studio apartment and Air Stream are ONLY for residential use by the Caretaker (and his/her spouse/partner as applicable), and no one else (e.g. children, relatives, friends etc.). It is of course okay for the caretaker’s guests to visit for short periods of time. We are looking for quiet people who do not entertain a lot and who respect the serenity of my farm.

The right caretaker will be able to provide good, verifiable references up front, and a background check is required.

The idea candidate will be a single person, or a couple where one person works and the other is available to work on the farm, or someone who works part-time. They will be interested in homesteading and ready to bring their knowledge or willing to learn.

Both living arrangements come with a plot of land that the caretaker can use to grow their own vegetables to sell at the local farmers market to earn extra money or for themselves. There is a real opportunity for an ambitious person to earn extra cash growing vegetables, herbs, and/or flowers.

A $200/$100 non-interest-bearing refundable deposit is required.
This is not an “employment relationship” or a “rental relationship”. It is a barter arrangement. Nonetheless, a short agreement must be signed to acknowledge the arrangement and to spell out each party’s obligations and the terms for terminating the arrangement.

If you are seriously interested, please email us and tell us about yourself and why you think you are a suitable person for this arrangement.