Life Alive Urban Oasis & Organic Cafe hiring Multiple Positions

Cambridge, Massachusetts
Life Alive Urban Oasis & Organic Cafe hiring FOH and BOH
Do you have fast-paced restaurant experience & generous instinct to care-take and serve? Do you long to experience fulfillment of giving and receiving nourishing food and the rewarding pleasure of having accomplished a day of meaningful work as a valued part of a motivated, positive, & empowered team of passionate & creative people? Do you desire to look forward to work & experience physical, mindful, collective service, and compassionate, relationship-based labor that’s committed to revitalizing the vitality of our common humanity.. then we are looking for you to join our amazing team.
If you are a self motivated, quick learning, fun-loving human being with a love of real food, a strong spirit and flexible schedule; If you are someone who embraces physical labor, hard work, and team effort; If you respect and admire the power of extraordinary hospitality and forming authentic, relationships grounded in compassion…. you have come to the right place.
We are gearing up to expand to all the communities begging us for a Life Alive! This means we need to build the next generation of Life Alive Leaders. If you enjoy MEANINGFUL hard work and being a VALUED member of a tight knit COLLECTIVE devoted to growth, having fun, touching peoples lives in a profound yet concrete way… and making a huge, positive impact on the greater world through therapeutic food and sustainable holism, then GROW WITH US!
Begin as a “Drink Guru”
Create Sustenance as a “Meal Maestro” Inspire Progress as a “Shift Leader” Metamorphose into a Manager, Regional Director, Innovator and Architect of our Future.
Trailblaze with us. Together we actualize our infinite potential.
The sky is your limit while living “Life Alive.” Please send a resume below, but more importantly, a heartfelt cover letter describing yourself and why you would want to join Life Alive’s Team and mission.
Interested sustainable food enthusiasts should submit their application online at