Apple Seeds hiring two VISTA Positions

Fayetteville, Arkansas

About Apple Seeds:

Our community in Northwest Arkansas faces both hunger and obesity. Children in food insecure families are especially vulnerable to obesity due to the additional risk factors associated with poverty, including limited access to healthy and affordable foods. It’s difficult to believe that 49% of Arkansas adolescents report consuming fruits & vegetables less than one time a day. Poor nutrition places our young students at a severe disadvantage and studies show that this can negatively affect their health, cognitive development, and school performance. Hunger should be eliminated with foods that promote healthy bodies and minds. Ultimately our youth needs to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Apple Seeds has been serving Northwest Arkansas for nearly ten years—developing programs, such as gardening clubs, school garden markets, and healthy cooking classes, that educate and excite children about healthy food while increasing access to healthy foods in schools. In 2014, Apple Seeds reached more than 10,000 students thanks in large part to its Farm to School partnership with the Fayetteville Public Schools. Our programs—whether they’re run on the Teaching Farm or at the schools—are always hands-on, fun, academically rich, and inspire our young students to make healthy food choices.

Apple Seeds is currently hiring two VISTA positions:

School Garden Market Coordinator

School Garden Coordinator

The application process is pretty quick so interested candidates should apply as soon as possible!  We need applications submitted no later than June 22nd and earlier if possible.