Ironstone Farm hiring Director of Facilities

Andover, Massachusetts

Position: Director of Facilities

Reports to:  Director of Administration

FLSA Status:  Exempt

Posting Date:  September 1, 2015

Position Summary:  Manage the maintenance, continual improvement and growth of the Ironstone Farm properties. To ensure that all involved, human and animal, are confident in a safe environment, that all programs run smoothly and efficiently, and that the grounds and buildings are all always clean and aesthetically presentable for all occasions at all times. To work with the board of directors and administrative staff by regularly communicating facility needs and associated costs, budgeting, and preparing, maintaining and sharing short and long term plans for improvements needed to ensure the future of a sustainable and well run organization.

Essential Functions:

  1. Grounds Keeping – Ensure the following:
  • Fall/Spring clean-up
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Beautification (care of all flower beds, trimming, weeding, mulching, etc.)
  • Pond/stream oversight and maintenance
  • Fencing maintenance (paint, repair, daily monitoring)
  • Maintenance of roadways and parking areas, including trails
  • Maintenance of pedestrian walkways and waiting areas
  • Maintenance of safe riding areas including minimum of weekly raking of footing in rings
  • Preparation for events and special occasions
  • Regular watering of dusty areas
  • Awareness of and attention to outdoor program needs and activities
  • Assurance of effective outdoor lighting. Change timers at change of seasons.
  • Regular manure management to ensure a healthy environment including sale of compost and manure and/or regular removal of manure from the premises
  • Woodlot maintenance
  • Assurance of safe paddock and horse feeding areas
  • Assurance of safe outdoor sheds/containers for storage of feed and herd shelter
  • Awareness of and attention to needs of feeders and working students
  • Regular oversight and management of littering and continual trash pick-up
  • Awareness of and attention to farm security
  1. Building Management – (Large Arena, Therapy Arena, Main Barn, Welcome Center, Farmhouse, Arts and Education Center, Staff Residence) Ensure the following:
  • Paint and repair, inside and out, with regularly planned painting projects at appropriate times of the year
  • Assurance of proper and consistent lighting at all times
  • Maintenance of plumbing, electricity and electronics in all buildings
  • Management of buildings for weather, temperature changes and snow
  • Maintenance of heat and air conditioning as needed
  • Awareness of and attention to staff and programs needs within buildings
  • Preparation for special events and weekend programs
  • Maintenance of clean and aesthetically welcoming environment inside and outside of buildings
  • Regular attention to and maintenance of fire extinguishers, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, defibrillators, air conditioning and furnace filters and any other requirements for ensuring building, person and animal safety and comfort.
  • Regular cleaning, cobwebbing, raking and manure management of barns.
  • Regular raking of indoor riding areas and all dirt floors
  • Regular emptying of trash in all areas including all houses, work areas, inside and outside program delivery areas
  • Awareness and attention to building security

  1. Equipment – Ensure the following:
  • Maintenance of “rolling stock” (tractors, trucks, all farm vehicles)
  • Availability of effective supply of tools for all aspects of grounds, building and animal management
  • Maintenance of a clean and efficient shop so that tools are clean and accessible when needed.
  • Up to date inventory of all equipment and tools for all aspects of facility management that is accessible for administrative staff and board members.
  • Up to date inventory of all rolling stock including a written maintenance schedule on each piece of equipment that is accessible for staff referral
  1. Winter Management – Ensure the following:
  • All snow removal (driveways, parking areas, pedestrian and wheelchair walkways, waiting areas, horse paddock areas, feeding areas, trails and house entrances) in a timely manner
  • Winterization outdoor faucets, water tubs, hoses, etc.
  • Winterization buildings and equipment
  • Safety of all areas throughout winter with appropriate sanding and continued clearing
  • Appropriate temperature control in all buildings
  • Removal of heavy snow loads and ice back-up on all buildings
  • Communicate regularly with program staff to ensure optimum program access throughout the winter months.
  1. Administration:
  • Communicate/meet regularly with administrative staff about facility needs and corresponding costs.
  • Prepare and maintain annual budget for maintenance of facility, including utilities and overhead, animal care, vehicle maintenance, insurance and licensing, annual maintenance projects including painting, building repair, equipment replacement and any other anticipated expense needed to ensure a safe, efficient, effective and welcoming environment. Be aware of and communicate any anticipated major expense in a timely fashion. Be pro-active in preparing for capital expense needs by looking ahead and sharing the needs and anticipated expense with administrative staff and board of directors.
  • Work with Executive Director and board of directors to create, work toward and achieve short and long term goals. Be part of strategic planning activities that involve farm property repair, improvement and growth.
  • Oversee and meet regularly with facility staff.
  • Enlist and oversee any out-sourcing of facility maintenance and improvements. Be the contact person for outside contractors.
  • Prepare cost analysis of insourcing vs outsourcing for both routine maintenance and capital improvement projects. Work with administrative staff and board of directors to determine most cost effective choices.

Education and Experience

  • General experience in grounds keeping and equipment use and maintenance.
  • Experience in property management, preferably of a farm or large estate
  • Experience in budgeting and long-range planning
  • Experience in management of people
  • Fundamental knowledge of mechanics, electricity, plumbing, animal care, snow-removal and tool usage and care.

Desired Characteristics

  • Excellent work ethic
  • Responsible and reliable
  • Cooperative with all staff, volunteers and board of directors
  • Collaborative in communications with key staff and board of directors
  • Neat personal appearance
  • Positive attitude toward work and people
  • Excellent listening and communication skills
  • Flexible “team player”
  • Ability to plan ahead, foresee and act decisively on situations
  • Ability to demonstrate care and understanding of programs, clients, volunteers and animals that are an integral part of Ironstone Farm
  • Willingness to “pitch in” with special events and emergency situations
  • Buy-in to mission and purpose of Ironstone Farm and enthusiastic contributor to a healthy, encouraging environment.

Compensation and Benefits

Monetary compensation will be determined by experience, inclusion of living accommodations and other values.  Benefits (at designated level of employment) may include contribution toward health insurance, optional 403B retirement investment plan, and optional group disability coverage.