Brookwood Community Farm hiring Farm Manager

Milton, Massachusetts
We’re hiring for a farm manager at Brookwood Community Farm! Yes, we know it’s late in the season to still be hiring- but we’re still in the hunt for a candidate who cares deeply about practicing sustainable farming, improving food access in our community, and making Brookwood a place of learning and growing (both plants and the strength of our local community). We have a great team that will provide you with a smooth transition into this role. Our previous farm manager is still working part-time for Brookwood, so we’re right on target for our production plan. You’re walking into a farm that is already hard at work with its crop plan done, and seeds in hand. We’ve got mentors lined up for you to help get you off to a successful start. We’ve got a talented staff in place. We’ve got a great training plan.

We just need YOU.
We’re ready to train and mentor the right person for this job. We’re ready to pay VERY competitively to get the right person in place. We’ve got 300 CSA members and 5 food pantries counting on us. We’re not going to let them down.

Think you might be ready for the next step in your career? Apply! We’d also be willing to find room on our staff for a couple who wishes to farm together, if the fit is right.

The full job description is available on our website. Please read and follow the application instructions found there. Thank you!