City of Redlands hiring Project Manager

Redlands, California

Under administrative direction, is responsible for planning, developing, managing, and evaluating projects, program activities, and events, including but not limited to, financial feasibility studies, community liaison, preliminary negotiations with vendors and/or contractors, contract preparation, supervision, and budget preparation.

This position will be assigned to Development Services and will be responsible for the City’s Market Night, Farmer’s Market, and other assigned community events.


  • Plans, organizes, schedules, directs, and coordinates all aspects of special events, programs, projects, and other assigned activities;
  • Recruits volunteers to assist with events and activities and provides supervision;
  • Prepares reports and recommendations to the City Council and the City’s management team;
  • Develops and recommends departmental goals, objectives, policies, and procedures;
  • Projects budget and staff requirements and helps to establish priorities and schedules for programs, events, and other activities;
  • Assists with project area strategy development and/or program development;
  • Assists City staff with issues and developments affecting various project areas;
  • Prepares and presents requests for Council action and other documents for action by the City Council;
  • Responds to public inquiries and resolves issues as required; Manages dissemination of information regarding events and activities;
  • Prepares reports and other materials to assist management in keeping elected officials informed about community issues and staff responses;
  • Conducts special studies, research and prepares comprehensive reports on all aspects of assigned programs, events, and activities;
  • Collects fees, receives monies, and performs calculations for various transactions;
  • Completes and files permits, reports, and other records as required by regulatory agencies for events and activities;
  • Performs necessary clerical duties;
  • Maintains databases and City web pages pertaining to assigned events and programs; and
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

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