Mousam Valley Mushrooms hiring Crop Care Specialist

Springvale, Maine

The purpose of the Crop Care Specialist is to handle all aspects of crop care to ensure the optimum growth of the crop in order to generate the best quality and greatest amount of premium mushroom. Crop Care Specialists should identify potential risks for the crop health and communicate those risks to their team leader or manager. These risks include but are not limited to pests, diseases, facility issues, and equipment failures.


  • Create and foster a sustainable company culture
  • Achieve key metrics as follows: A) achieve process excellence resulting in superior mushroom product quality; B) achievement of daily task as assigned and trained for.
  • Report to and communicate with other key personnel to form a cohesive crew

Major Responsibilities:

  • Complete the daily activities as assigned and trained for to the best of your ability.
  • Understand and maintain by example; the standard operating procedure, company policies, and company culture
  • Work closely with Supervisor to maximize operational effectiveness
  • Harvest several hundred pounds of mushrooms daily
  • Trace each lot by batch using Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Receive and prepare laboratory samples for analysis, following proper protocols to ensure that they will be stored, prepared, and disposed of efficiently and effectively.
  • Record data pertaining to experimentation, research, & myco care.
  • Keep records of harvest to analyze percentage of colonization based on growth parameters.
  • Collect samples from crops & environments so testing can be performed.
  • Measure or weigh the mushrooms in harvest process, according to SOPs.
  • Prepare data summaries, reports, or analyses that include results, charts, or graphs to document daily growth.
  • Set up grow equipment, and prepare sanitary environment for growth each day.
  • Operate laboratory equipment such as pyschrometers, nitrogen determination apparatus, air samplers, C02 monitors and potential hydrogen (pH) meters to perform tests.
  • Adjust testing equipment, prepare culture media and inoculate sterilized substrate following standard procedures.
  • Examine different stages in the mushroom life cycle to determine the presence of diseases or other problems.
  • Safety – works safely and follows all safety rules while performing all tasks, using equipment, and using all hand tools.  Also, follows all hygiene and GAP protocol throughout the day.
  • Quality – incorporates quality in every task to ensure that the company delivers premium fruit to its customers.

Crop Care Specialists should have fine motor skills, attention to detail, and good eye hand coordination.

Crop Care Specialists are hired as production workers and require the ability to lift fifty pounds, stand for extended times, twist/bend at the waist, & have good vision.

Education & Experience: Degree in Bio-Sciences is preferred but not necessary

Interested applicants should  call the farm at 207-457-6007 and ask for Aron or send us an email to