Oran Mor seeking Volunteers, Interns, and Members

Ozark County, Missouri

Accepting volunteers, interns, and members! We are working on several natural building projects utilizing timber framing, cob, and rock. Our gardens are taking off and we are in the process of adding layers (shrubs and trees) to our primary vegetable gardens, as well as adding annual veggies to our wilder spaces.

We are a small egalitarian community and organic farm established in June of 2003 and situated on 113 acres in the hills of Ozark County, MO. The terrain is rocky with several creeks and we enjoy four distinctly, beautiful seasons.

We raise dairy goats, egg chickens, geese, guineas, dogs n cats, and various vegetables using local organic inputs and no-till design. We work to put the principles of Permaculture into daily practice, using clean energy resources and recycling our waste as best we can. We are stiving to minimize our reliance on fossil fuels and electricity as much
as possible, while still being involved in our broader community.

We offer a wide range of skilled and unskilled work experiences in gardening, cooking, canning, fermentation, sustainable construction, milking, cheesemaking, forestry, salvage, maintenance, and more. We have an ongoing need for alternative, ecologically aware construction, organic permaculture style gardening, home and land improvement, and hard workers with thoughtful conversations.

Current Projects – milking goats, lots of permaculture gardening, tree planting, landscaping, making herbal remedies, goat fencing, solar oven, shower and more!

Our commitment to living simply translates to many lifestyle choices here. Our main communal building runs on solar power and has few ammenities. We do have internet! We have a trailer connected to the grid primarily to power our chest freezer. We do all of our cooking on woodfires year round, which means cooking in our outdoor kitchen in the
warmer months. Our laundry is done by hand and dried on clothes lines.  Our dishes are done by hand using water heated on our woodfire. These are some central differences to what most folks are used to. It is a commitment of time and effort, and we feel it is rewarding and pays off. We love life and we have fun with our commitments.

Length of stay is entirely negotiable. We are accepting new members. Meals are communal. WWOOFers will be expected to attend daily priority meetings and to take an active part in chores and projects. Opportunities are available year ’round. Very limited transportation is available. Children and pets are welcome with prior approval.

Alcohol is enjoyed on holidays and special occasions.

We respect tobacco as a very energy intensive indulgence, but also respect the bodily sovereinty of our members who do smoke. Tobacco is not used as a social habit and smokers are asked to step away when they do smoke.

To apply for a normal visit, we encourage folks to fill out our visitor questionnaire here: http://oranmorcommunity.org/visitor.html or to give us a phone call at 417-250-9252. For folks interested in membership, here is our membership questionnaire: http://oranmorcommunity.org/membership.html . We have a 28 day visitor period where we will all feel things out and see if it is a good fit for the interested person and all the current members here. If we are getting along there is a 1 year provisional membership period, and after that the person could become a full member. All members (provisional and full) share land, labor, and income in common. We are egalitarian so we have shared ownership of all resources here. Folks are welcome to stay as long as we get along, without seeking membership. We have internship and volunteer opportunities open for extended durations. Currently we are really interested in herbal interns to help with our herbal business and cob interns to help with our many cob projects!