California – Agritourism Farm hiring Live-in Farm Assistant

Sebastopol, California


Requirements:Job Description:

Popular educational Agritourism Farm in Sebastopol, California, has one opening for a Live-in Farm Assistant. Exchange a minimum of 15 hours of work per week for a cute, fully appointed, WIFI ready, all utilities included trailer over creek.  High season, May-October, could require 20-30 and full time might be available. Possible tasks include tending organic gardens and farm animals (goats, chickens, and horses, and a cat), and hosting vacationing guests (prep, on-call hosting, tours). You will also learn how to be a backup for house cleaning and grounds management in case of emergency.  You will be introduced to all the above and assigned to those at which you excel, although we encourage diversity and the willingness to develop new skills.

*Must have experience with farm animals, veggie gardens, and hospitality
*Work history must demonstrate your experience
*Must be an Independent Contractor
*Must be willing to contract for 15/hrs week MINIMUM (this allows for the living space) for at least one year, with the willingness and availability for an average of 20-30 hours in the summer/fall months (hours over 15 are paid hours), rate to be determined.
*Must be available mid-week, with the understanding that morning chores start at 5:30 a.m. and evening chores end at 7:00 p.m. approximately
*Must be a single individual (no children, dog, or live-in partner) who is willing to socialize off premises
*Must have a valid California Driver’s License and clean record
*Must have current character and work references

Attributes we seek:

* We need someone who is capable and practiced with open, clear, direct, and constant communication.

*A person who is enthusiastic and enjoys clarifying and checking in about understanding of concepts, directives, communication, goals, and bigger picture.

*A person who is willing to make adjustments and grow and evolve to fit into the FHF ideal, while still recognizing their personality strengths and weaknesses.

*A curious person who likes to think about the “why” of each task and wants to understand the reason we do each small task down to the tiny (and very crucial) details.

*A person with personality traits that are highly detailed and reflective of a serious business person; someone who finds joy in double checking that the work has been completed to the best of their ability.

*A person who is willing to scrutinize their performance (someone who is present and able to recall details and actions they performed on that day—or someone who likes to keep copious notes) and is eager to ask questions when they don’t understand something (a directive).

*Someone who is organized and has a developed way to keep track of information given to them verbally on the fly, an effective note-taker.

*Someone who understands their sole purpose is to support the goals and intentions of the owners’ vision, making those goals their own while living and working on the farm, and to understand these goals and the vision takes at least a year.

Compensation and Parameters:
A Rental Application and signed one-year Rental Agreement is required, as well as a Service Agreement outlining the terms of the trade and additional work hours.  The housing provided would be a one bedroom furnished trailer suitable for one person only. It is next to the main farm house with a private deck over a year round creek. This trailer is turn-key with all amenities, including laundry (some restrictions apply), included. These amenities would include a fully equipped kitchen, wifi, water, electric, garbage, and safe off-street parking. Additionally, there would be supplemental veggies and fruit from the property, provided there is an excess and access to fresh dairy, eggs, raw honey, organic jams, and more, for sale. This trailer is situated next to the main farmhouse, near the garden and animals on a 23 acre property in the much sought after West County. Wildlife is welcome and thrives just outside the door, so no dogs are permitted.  Up to two cats are ok (some restrictions apply).  There are some restrictions around friends visiting and gatherings are not permitted.  This is first and foremost the home and property of the owners and the animals.  You and your privacy are treated with great respect and the owners treasure their quiet time from the end of chores to the beginning of the new day of chores.  They are also committed to assuring the animals, both domestic and wild, have down time with no disturbances during that same time.  Even if the owners are off-premises, these restrictions remain in place.

The applicant we will consider is someone who is naturally an early riser; communicates well and honestly; loves and appreciates dirt and poop, even while being able to handle themselves with integrity in situations that require intense awareness of cleanliness; has very high standards; is physically capable of doing the work; comfortable with very detailed constructive feedback; wants to stay at least one year and preferably more; self-respecting; energetic; positive; physically active; creative; excited about learning; loves life unaltered by smoke, drugs, alcohol, or other substances; enjoys details; likes challenges; and knows every day is yet another adventure.

Interested candidates should send their application to Christine at