Connecticut – Deep River Farms hiring Egg Production Consultant

Deep River, Connecticut

Small Farm Egg-Production Consultant

Deep River Farms is a diversified, non-certified organic farm in Deep River, CT.

We are seeking an egg management consultant to help assess and improve our laying flock.

Specifically, we need assistance with finding:

  • Accurate and medical diagnoses from professional poultry experts
  • Analysis of current flock including physical, natural and feed related variables

End-Products/Deliverables required from consultant:

  • Manual containing future recommendations with fully descriptive steps and synthesized research for management team—including sources, references, etc.
  • Easy-to-follow process manual for all farm staff with recommended practices and daily routines

Required Skills and Experience:

  • At least 2 full seasons working with an egg-production operation
  • Must be possess an ag. related Bachelor’s degree or higher and/or have an equivalent of education and experience

Instructions to apply: Please send 3 job related references, resume, and cover-letter, describing your qualifications for this freelance, consultant position to:

Interviews to begin in January; Assignment to begin in mid-January to early February

Compensation: TBD