Honey Brook Organic Farm hiring Distribution Manager

Pennington, New Jersey

Honey Brook Organic Farm-Distribution Manager position description

Goal of Distribution Manager: Ensure the safe and efficient operation of the Pennington Distribution Center and Box Packing area, by coordinating with Field Manager, Farm Manager and Office Manager. Help create a pleasant environment for both the members and staff.


Distribution Center

Pennington Distribution Center Staff –

  • Hire Distribution Center attendants to cover all shifts (Pennington Distribution Center is staffed 7 days/week).
  •  Coordinate days off/vacations, etc. with all Distribution Center staff and prepare and distribute weekly schedule.
  • Train the attendants regarding their responsibilities using the employee handbook and checklist.
  • Ensure staff can communicate with members courteously and respectfully, and can direct members to the Office Manager with questions pertaining to membership, etc.
  • Sign off and track Distribution Center attendants’ time cards to verify their hours and give tracking spread sheet to bookkeeper/Office Manager in time for payroll processing.

Distribution Center standards –

  • Ensure Distribution Center is clean and well stocked at all times.
  •  Ensure cleaning supplies/tools are in good condition and order more when needed.
  •  Signs must be clean and laminated (no handwritten signs).
  • Sign-in sheets must be in Distribution Center at all times. Staff must be trained to ensure that members sign in & have membership cards on them.

“Pick-Your-Own Crops” Harvest Management –

  •  Check the status of crop availability with David.
  • Update signs/magic marker boards regarding availability/quantity/location of crops.
  • Place appropriate signs on crops in the fields for members. Instruct staff on the location of all information they need to advise members on PYO crops, including culinary uses.

Special Events-

  • Assist in the coordination of Special Events, including food demos and talks. Make suggestions regarding events you think should be considered.

Box Packing Management

  • Four days/week (Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday), oversee efficient packing by specialized staff of Boxed Share boxes according to standards set by management.
  • Obtain packing list from field staff prior to packing and discuss with field staff if needed.
  • Perform regular quality control checks of produce during the course of the box packing shifts.
  • Schedule staff to cover all three day/week shifts.
  • Coordinate days off/vacations, etc. with all box packers.
  • Train staff regarding their responsibilities in box packing area.
  • Sign off and track staff time cards to verify their hours and give tracking spread sheet to Office Manager in time for payroll processing

General Management

Produce Tracking

  • Create a list of what is available in the Distribution Center one day/week (for example, use every Wednesday for the entire growing season) and enter into database.
  • Weigh/measure what we are giving out. (For example if we are giving out 4 heads of broccoli, list the 4 heads and then weigh 4 heads and list their averaged weight.) Do this for every item (including PYO crops) and list it in the database weekly.


  • Keep open communication with Managers about staff and members. Let Managers know immediately of any concerns you have with staff (i.e., tardiness, inappropriate behavior) and also if they are exceeding expectations. If there are members who are creating problems, be sure to also let Management know.
  • Be free with suggestions and advice — every year we try our best to improve the Distribution Center experience.


  • Take inventory of supplies, making sure that there are enough produce bags, berry containers, cleaning supplies, etc. well in advance of us needing them.
  • Order supplies when needed & ensure ordered supplies were received. Return damaged or defective supplies to the manufacturer when applicable.

This position is a full-time, seasonal position with the possibility of part-time winter hours. The hours and days/per week are: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, 8am-6pm (or as needed), Wednesday and Thursday, 8am-3:30pm with at least a ½ hour daily lunch break, from mid-May to the end of November. Part time winter hours will be for a mutually agreeable schedule. Please email resume to sherry@honeybrookorganicfarm.com.