Illinois – The Country Experience hiring Farm Interns

Galena, Illinois

Camp Description

The Country Experience is a week-long sleepaway camp for 7-12 year olds on a working family farm near Galena, Illinois. Our environment has been prepared so campers can be “inside the fences” and participate in hands-on experiences with real-world tools to contribute to the farm, build life skills, and develop their character.  

Job Description

The Country Experience is seeking to hire farm interns with a passion for farm life and who enjoy working independently, with kids, and peers. Farm interns will be responsible for the daily farm operations and work alongside the staff, counselors, and campers to maintain a homestead-style farm.  Farm work changes seasonally, tasks include caring for the animals (food, water, health, environment), garden maintenance, landscaping, mowing, harvesting, preparing for market, baking/canning, guiding small groups of campers for projects, help with Fall Farm Stay weekends, welcoming families and school groups to the farm, farm tours, etc. Farm interns should have both a passion for working outside on the farm and engaging with youth.

Schedule & Timeframe

April – November. Must be able to commit to at least a 3 month block of time. Lodging and all meals are provided.

Duties & Responsibilities

Responsibilities include:

  • Feeding and watering animals in the morning and evening, guiding the feedings when guests are helping
  • Responsible for planting, weeding, watering, harvesting, cultivating, mowing, and any other maintenance alongside other staff and campers
  • Farm spaces responsible for include orchards, vegetable gardens, flower gardens, lawn, pastures, foraging plants, peripheral fence lines, pond
  • Excellent communication skills with youth, families, and guests who stay at the farm.  
  • Run the farm as organically and chemical free as possible
  • Ensure that all daily needs of the farm are met and that camper tasks are completed
  • Jump in to help whenever needed.  Spring: planting, camp prep, open house events, weekend farm stays, etc.  Summer: camp meal preparations, morning fishing groups, weekend camp reset, hosting alongside owners for farm stay meals, assisting with outdoor pizza oven nights, staffing school visit groups and
  • Be encouraging to campers, families, school groups, and guest as they engage in farm operations

Desired Qualifications

Applicant must be in school for agricultural sciences or have interest in agriculture as a career. Experience with youth a plus.  Interest in working with youth a must.  Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Ideal applicants should be bright eyed and bushy-tailed, enjoy plants and animals, excel at physical labor, work well with children, be patient, be a great problem-solver, and see the glass as half full.


Lodging and all meals.  Many options available- farmhouse, camping, cabin (depending on the season), or screened in porch.   During camp, we all cook and eat together.  We will teach you a lot.  You will work hard.  We will grow together personally and professionally.  You will get to choose what you are interested in a good part of the time and also work shoulder to shoulder with us on whatever needs doing.  We can write you an amazing letter of recommendation that will serve you well in future endeavors.  

How to Apply

Please email us a message about why you would love to be on the farm this summer with youth and what will make you a great member of our farm community.  Please also attach a resume with past camp experiences and any other applicable qualifications we should know about! Thank you!

Looking forward to hearing from you.  -Claire (Camp Manager) and The Amstutz Family