Maine – Northern Tilth hiring Field Technician

Belfast, Maine

Job Description for Northern Tilth Field Technician

March 1, 2017

Our environmental consulting company is looking for a full-time field technician to join our busy nutrient management team.  The ideal candidate for this position is as comfortable working long days outside in the field as they are in front of a computer using Excel, Word, and ArcMap.  We are looking for a creative problem-solver with solid project management skills, including the ability to monitor the progress of the various parts of each project in which they are involved, anticipate road-blocks and complete plans on time.  An interest in sustainable agriculture, background knowledge of livestock-based agriculture and/or farming experience is a plus. Course work in soil science and chemistry is also preferred.

Examples of Technician responsibilities:

  • Carry out field work including soil sampling and identification of sensitive water features in and around farms and agricultural fields
  • Use GIS (ArcMap) for data entry, analysis, and mapping
  • Work with farmers to identify areas for improvement in many aspects of nutrient management, including prevention of nutrient loss in and around the farmstead and environmentally responsible distribution of nutrients to farmland
  • Use data to create nutrient budgets and nutrient allocation plans for farms
  • Manage the creation of Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans that incorporate a detailed analysis of a farm’s natural resource concerns with the engineering & nutrient management recommendations needed to address those concerns

Required Skills:

  • Confidence in working with Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Familiarity with ArcMap software
  • High level of physical stamina for full work days of soil sampling
  • Ability to communicate openly & effectively and develop positive relationships with clients
  • Comfortable working collaboratively with others in a close-knit office environment
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Ability to prioritize effectively and juggle multiple aspects of a project to meet deadlines

Benefits include flexible work hours and paid holidays.

We are really interested in hiring someone who has a background in working on dairy or livestock farms, in addition to meeting the qualifications posted in the job description.

Northern Tilth is a small business in Belfast, Maine created and owned by soil scientist Andrew Carpenter.  We provide organic waste recycling technical consulting services to municipalities, solid waste agencies, recycling companies and others in addition to creating nutrient management plans for farms.  For more information about our company, please visit

Please contact Andrew Carpenter by phone or email (207-338-5500, for further information.