New York – Milkweed Tussock Tubers hiring Interns

Heuvelton, New York

Milkweed Tussock Tubers
Catherine Bennett
1249 St Hwy 184
Heuvelton, NY  13654

Milkweed Tussock Tubers is a young, small scale, certified organic potato company growing for both seed and consumption. Our focus is on rare, heirloom and colored potatoes, with an emphasis on regenerative agricultural practices. We use integrated pest management, no-till methods and companion crops to enhance soil, air and water health, as well as encourage the proliferation of native species.

Milkweed Tussock Tubers is currently seeking eager interns to assist in our 2017 growing season. An educational internship with MTT is a full immersion experience, playing an integral role in all aspects of potato cultivation and sales.

Tasks Involved

Plant Production: Seeding, transplanting, field and greenhouse planting, watering and rainwater catchment installation, weeding and mulching.

General Maintenance: Compost building, temperature monitoring, soil testing and grant writing.

Ecosystem Enhancement: Garden planning, native species planting, companion planting, pollinator habitat creation and invasive species removal.

Long-term Preparations: Designing and constructing a root cellar or similar storage unit for winter crops. Improving MTT use of renewable energy sources.

Harvest and Marketing: Picking, cleaning, and packing crops, participating in weekly farmers markets, customer interactions, advertising, display creation, and locating potential new markets. Our online presence has been steadily increasing, and willingness to contribute weekly is a plus.

Work Arrangements
When interning with MTT, you are considered “on call” 24-7 in case of emergency. One day a week off, however, has been the traditional agreement, and personal schedules are negotiable.
MTT is currently leasing land from Bittersweet Farm, a small-scale, certified organic, biodiversified agricultural enterprise with both livestock and crops. As a result, MMT interns will work one to two days a week with Bittersweet Farm, assisting in tasks such as animal husbandry, value-added production, greenhouse duties and market prep.

Interns, WWOOFers and volunteers all live in our off-the-grid cabin in the woods.  The cabin is 12′ by 26′, two stories with an additional loft. It is equipped with solar panels and lights, an outhouse and wood cookstove. Food in the cabin and cooking on the woodstove are always encouraged! Due to labor demands, there is often more than one person living in the cabin at once. Workers already in residence have first say, but must be prepared to potentially host roommates.
We are not a vegetarian household, but are happy to accommodate various diets and allergies.

NO experience is necessary, but a good sense of humor and a passion for potatoes would definitely be handy. We must request that intern stays be a minimum of two weeks.