Colorado – La Veta Farm to Table hiring Interns

La Veta, Colorado

La Veta Farm to Table is a business dedicated to the local good food movement in the beautiful, mountain town of La Veta in rural South Central Colorado.  Our biodynamic farm, Cucharas River Farm, uses “deep organic”, no-till, permaculture methods to grow vibrant, super nutritious produce, free-range chicken, ducks, geese, eggs and pastured pork.   Our farm to table restaurant “Cowgirl Cantina” serves up creative, delicious food from our farm and other local food producers and is a lively hangout for our community and visitors alike.  Our internship program is run by our non-profit Wahatoya Community Initiatives, and encompasses the whole food lifecycle from farm to table.  Interns learn all aspects of farming from farm and garden design, soiling building, seeding, sheet mulching, green house management, low tunnel hoops, to harvest, vegetable prep for market and our restaurant, seed saving and food preservation.  Interns also make value added farm products such as jam, pickles, sauerkraut, bread, cookies, teas; etc. for sale at our restaurant and the farmer’s market.  Interns also set-up and sell at our local farmer’s market. We call our project “love in action” as we work together to restore the earth through biodynamic agricultural practice, tapping into the universal wisdom that feeds the human body and spirit, increasing the health and well-being of the land, plants, animals and ourselves.  If you would like to make a difference in the world by participating in a new way of farming, living and serving the community that honors all life, we encourage you to join us for the 2017 season.

Intern candidates are self-motivated, community-oriented and would like to make sustainable farming or schooling and/or professional culinary arts experience.

We are looking for individuals who can make a contribution to this educational program by sharing skills and knowledge.  Hands-on farming and active participation in such areas as setting up and selling at the farmer’s market, teaching gardening and farming workshops, and preparing and serving Farm to Table meals is required. There are five internship positions available:

 Farm Manager Intern.  This candidate has lots of experience working on farms and would like to learn to run a market farm. The goal for this internship position is to ready the candidate to get a farm managers job or to run a farm of their own. This position has a monthly stipend.

 2 Farm Internship Positions      Experience a well-rounded education with an emphasis on the agricultural side of the farm to table movement.  By participating in the internship, the candidate will develop a deep understanding of the seasonal growing process and how that relates to the retail and table side of the farm to table movement.  This position does not include a stipend but interns receive tips from farm to table dinners and wedding events. There are opportunities to earn money by working at the restaurant

2 Culinary Internship Positions     Want to use your culinary skills to experience an authentic farm to table business?  Spend 3 days a week learning all about sustainable market farming and spend 2 days a week working in the restaurant and creating beautiful food for our farm to table events.  This position does not include a stipend but interns receive tips from farm to table events and working at the restaurant.  Interns can work extra hours at the restaurant to earn extra money.

Please see the full details for these internship positions on our web-site.

The internship begins April 10th ends October 31st, 2017.

Full room and board is provided.   Interns share a spacious four bedroom house on the farm and cook organic meals together or eat at the restaurant.  For more info or to apply, please go to and click on “Our Farm”.  We will take applications until all positions are filled.