New Jersey – Flocktown Farm hiring Multiple Positions

Pittstown, New Jersey

Organic vegetable production – Flocktown Farm


Description: The Field Manager is a new position and one of two management-level positions that work directly under the Head Farmer. This position is responsible for all matters related to field production and works closely with the Wash House Manager coordinating daily tasks. Job responsibilities include acting as the principle crew leader, managing up to 20 members of the farm crew while performing/directing harvesting, weeding, and planting activities. The Field Manager is responsible for operating heavy equipment including tractors and tractor implements, and may be called upon to assist with various planning, problem solving, and repair tasks.

Qualifications: Must have good knowledge of vegetable production methods and +3 seasons farming experience or equivalent. Applicants must also poses heavy equipment experience and basic mechanical/construction skills. Good interpersonal, management, and leadership skills are highly desired. Ability to communicate in Spanish is a plus but not required.

Compensation: $600-$800/week depending on experience and ability. Work week is 5 days, approximately 40-45hours. Housing may be available or arranged.


Description: The Farm Crew works directly under the Field Manager and Wash House Manager and is responsible for planting, weeding, harvesting, washing, and packing activities of the farm.

Qualifications: Must have at least 1 season experience farming or equivalent. While we often work together, all applicants must have the ability to work and think independently and possess strong problem solving skills. Farm work is inherently variable and multifaceted, requiring that farmers be flexible, creative, motivated about the task at hand, and positive in the face of changing conditions. All applicants must possess good communication skills, ability to follow direction, attention to detail, and a good work ethic. Farm work is physically demanding and dirty; requiring crew members work quickly and efficiently in conditions that are often muddy, dusty, wet, hot, cold, sunny, and windy. All applicants must be able to lift 50lbs.

Compensation: $13/hour. Work week is MondayFriday, approximately 40 hours. Housing may be available or arranged.



Please send an introductory letter indicating your interest and the position you’re applying for along with your resume to FLOCKTOWNFARM@GMAIL.COM