Connecticut – Evergreen Berry Farm hiring Summer STaff

Watertown, Connecticut

Evergreen Berry Farm, LLC Hiring 2017 Summer Staff

Evergreen Berry Farm, LLC is a small pick-your-own berry farm where farming practices focus on soil biology and nutrition to build health from the ground up.   Established in 1979 through the dedication and hard work of owners Bob and Cathee Alex, the farm is a tradition for locals and a stop for travelers seeking the bounties and tranquility of the field.  We minimize the use of organic pesticides with an integrated pest management system and have also started to incorporate biodynamic principles into the farm as a whole.  Farmer Bob is a CT falconer, and the falcon is used on the premises for the purposes of bird abatement.

We are currently hiring for our summer 2017 staff (Harvesters, Field Hands, and Register Staff). Successful staff work efficiently and with quality, and are able to effectively task-switch. Staff are also encouraged to learn about how we farm and be able to communicate this to inquiring visitors.

Work hours: Flexible, up to 40/week, in one or more position

Season: Variable. Typically late June/early July and tapering into mid-September.

Please contact regarding further details on the available positions and an application.