Utah – The Green Urban Lunchbox hiring Farm Manager

Salt Lake City, Utah

Essential Duties & Responsibilities — Site Maintenance (75%)
Work hands on with volunteers and participating farmers in all aspects of whole farm system management including soil preparation, aquaponics, composting, greenhouse growing, livestock management, biointensive practices, cover-cropping, crop rotations, opening new fields, and irrigation design, setup, and storage.
Provide overall management and coordination to a diverse team of people, working to keep daily farm operations running smoothly.
Be up to date on innovations in the farming community.
Set work plans, project goals, and deadlines.
Develop short-term and long-term irrigation plans, fertility plans, and crop rotation plans, and work collaboratively with participating farmers and stakeholders to design, finalize, and implement plans.
Organize and manage building projects such as washing & packing infrastructure and basic construction needs.
Oversee infrastructure maintenance, repair, and winter storage as needed.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities — Training (15%)
Provide technical assistance to farmer participants in areas of farm systems work such as irrigation set up, midseason cover cropping, tomato staking, proper use of mulches and plastics, proper pest ID and pest management solutions.
Work clearly and openly with all farmer participants growing on the site as needed.
Develop and maintain positive working relationships with Salt Lake area farmers for the purposes of introducing project participants to Utah agriculture, cultivating mentoring, and creating educational opportunities for project participants.

Other Duties & Responsibilities — Reporting (10%)
Assist project evaluators with gathering information on the effectiveness of business planning teams, marketing, production, and education initiatives.
Maintain professional knowledge and skills by attending relevant workshops, training, and conferences.
Review professional materials and literature.
Provide support to the marketing team as needed.
Participation at staff meetings and other events as scheduled.
Performing other project related duties as required.

Please email Shawn@gulb.org to apply