New York – Down to Earth Markets hiring Farmers Market Site Manager

Manhattan + Queens, New York

Specifically: Morningside Park, DUMBO, Chelsea, Cunningham Park, Hudson Yards, Queens Botanical Gardens

Job Title: Farmers Market Site Manager / Market Host

Reports to: Territory Manager

Qualities, knowledge & skills: Ability to work with many different types of people. Good listener, communicator and motivator. Demonstrates good judgment. Informed about the local food movement, farm issues, and food issues.

Able to:

  • Communicate effectively with people from a wide variety of backgrounds; gather information from conversations or surveys; answer questions and provide information.
  • Support problem resolution and positive outcomes in all interactions that occur; vendor–to-vendor, vendor-to-shopper, or shopper-to-shopper.
  • Identify, analyze, mediate and resolve problems and disputes independently with a calm and professional manner.
  • Maintain accurate records and write concise and informative reports

Goals: Oversee and supervise daily operations of a farmers market to assure a smooth and safe running market according to Down to Earth Market policies and rules. Serve as the market host, welcoming and engaging shoppers. Promote good relations between the company and the vendors as well as within each specific market community. Be a liaison between shoppers and Down to Earth Market, helping to assure that the market meets the needs of the shoppers.

Duties: Represent & communicate Down to Earth Market’s mission and role in creating, managing and promoting farmers markets and local food systems. By agreement, some managers may work beyond the market day to assist promoting one or more markets.

Market host / Market promotion: Promote good relationships between shoppers, vendors, community groups and businesses and market management. Establish a positive, cooperative atmosphere at the market. Be the greeter and public face of Down to Earth Market. Working with the Marketing & Territory Manager staff, identify and pursue opportunities for promotion within the market’s community.

  • Meet and greet shoppers and engage shoppers with informative discussion that encourages them to gain the full benefit from shopping at the market.
  • Seek and record feedback from shoppers and vendors about the market operation, product quality and availability issues, and availability and other issues that may have either a positive or adverse effect on the success of the market.
  • Communicate with shoppers and vendors about steps being taken to enhance the market and meet their needs.
  • Oversee and implement promotional programs and social media activities as specified directly by office personnel. This may include cooking demos, tastings or other special events. Assist with executing special events.
  • Promote new sign-ups for the e-mail marketing list. Encourage shoppers to sign-up to receive notices about vendor specials, what’s new, market announcements and special events.
  • Identify opportunities with community members & businesses, e.g. local green committee, within market areas for cross promotion. Introduce yourself and get their contact information and provide them with Territory Manager contact  information for follow-up regarding cross-promotion.
  • Identify opportunities for special events at the market with community partners (such as cooking demo with a local chef or health screening with a local health organization). Coordinate with office personnel to plan and implement special events in advance of event date.
  • Post within 24 hours prior to each managed market on Facebook. Tweet and post on Instagram at least once during market hours in accordance with Down to Earth Market policies and guidelines. Identify community calendars and coordinate with Marketing Department to get regular listings posted.

Market management: Direct and coordinate the set-up, safe, smooth running and break-down of the market site while maintaining a pleasant and conversational demeanor.

  • Set out all portable signs and barricades and set up the site manager’s tent and all specified materials.
  • Coordinate with local authorities to remove improperly parked cars as applicable.
  • Make sure that the market is set-up in a safe, organized and timely manner, that trucks do not block traffic and are moved off the market site as needed by the start time. Direct vendors to designated parking areas.
  • Ensure that vendors comply with all market policies, enforce DTE rules and complete and distribute violations forms as needed.
  • Ensure that the vendors keep their areas clean and free of debris during the market day and leave their areas broom clean and take their refuse with them.
  • Oversee the safe and orderly break-down of the market, assuring that traffic is not blocked all moving vehicles are driving safely.
  • Respond to problems or disputes within the market by listening to all sides and analyzing the situation. Using good judgment, take the steps necessary for peaceful resolution. If the situation needs further clarification, contact on-call personnel or defer resolution until discussing the matter with office personnel.
  • Provide weekly written reports to office using on-line form about market operations, problems, resolutions, requests made, etc. within forty-eight (48) hours of the market end.
  • Conduct accurate shopper counts each market day at designated hourly time periods.
  • Be familiar with guidelines for safe handling and selling of food (contained within your binder). Monitor vendor selling practices and inform vendor staff and office personnel when practices appear questionable or out of compliance (e.g. cooler temperature, improper labeling or signage, improper sampling practice). Conduct periodic temperature checks and submit completed logs to the office. Oversee corrective actions per instructions.
  • Familiarize yourself with the crops and products for sale by each farmer and producer. A listing of items per vendor can be found on the DTE website. View the items for sale each week to make sure they are products that are in season and are part of the vendor’s product offering. Inform office of any new products that are not listed and ask vendors to remove them from sale until approved through the office.
  • Manage the recipe program – make sure you have season appropriate recipes on display. Contact your territory manager if you need new or more recipes.
  • Manage the EBT terminal (if applicable to your market) available for shoppers using the food stamps at the market. Track all the sales, hand out tokens to the shoppers and collect the tokens from the vendors at the end of the day. Distribute the Health Buck coupons to the food stamp shoppers and keep a log. Track all the sales and send all the paperwork to the office at the end of the market day.

Physical / logistical requirements:

  • Able to lift and carry up to 50 pounds.
  • Set up market tent and secure with 4, 25 pound weights.
  • Walking, standing for several hours at a time.
  • Ability to work in all weather conditions, e.g. heat, cold, rain, sun, wind.
  • Transport and store (in a clean, dry place) site manager rig (tent, sand bags, table, signage, chair, recipe stand, bin, etc) as needed.
  • Pick up equipment and / or supplies from office as needed.


  • Read weekly Site Manager Update, Shopper Email and Vendor Communications.
  • Attend Site Manager training at Down to Earth Market office as scheduled.
  • Receive last minute market updates relayed via e-mail or cell phone.
  • Respond in a timely manner to e-mail and voice communications from office.
  • Depending on market location, managers may require access to a car to move and store the market tent and gear.