Virginia – Hawk’s Journey Farm hiring Assistant Cattle Manager

Nelson County, Virginia

Assistant Cattle Manager

At Hawk’s Journey Farm, we combine Biological farming, Restoration Agriculture, Permaculture and Holistic Management to raise livestock, perennial food and herbs, and annual crops. We build the things we learn into training programs through our outreach and education company Simple Soil Solutions.  Our mission is to heal ourselves and our community, starting with the soil.  We are located in Gladstone, VA and border the James River. For more info about us:  Please check our websites at and, and our videos on VIMEO and YouTube

We are building our core team for the long run, and need a full-time person (40 – 50 hrs/wk) to work mostly with our grass fed beef cattle operation, under the direction of the Cattle Herd Manager and farm owner. We pay a living wage, invest in amazing training opportunities, and offer many other benefits as well.

We are seeking a full-time, healthy, hardworking, detail oriented person who knows they want to work with regenerative and holistic cattle operation as a life path.  We do have openings for internships, but for this position we are looking for a long term team member.

Are you generally happy and positive?  Do you have a passion for soil building and rebuilding our earth and communities from the ground up?  We believe in the power of intention and the law of attraction.  We work as a team with a lot of openness and trust, and willingness to take accountability for our own feelings and choices.  We believe that working on ourselves is the foundation for societal change.  We want to share deeply on our unique paths of personal transformation as we mirror ways we can help each other grow.  

Think of this position as joining a loving, healthy family.  We support each other when we are down, and are honest with each other even when it hurts.  We believe in positive change from both joyful and painful experiences.  We want to FEEL and TUNE IN to our emotions fully and learn the messages underneath them, for we see that there is gold beneath the challenges that teaches us about our spiritual growth.

Job tasks would include but are not limited to:

  • Setting up, taking down temporary electrical fence daily or several times daily (lots of walking on hills and in tall vegetation in all types of weather, year round)
  • Practicing low stress cattle handling techniques
  • Feeding hay, free choice cafeteria style minerals, and other supplements, and natural treatments such as essential oils
  • Cleaning water troughs daily
  • Participating in on-farm research
  • Making daily observations and writing log records to document what the cattle are eating (grass, hay, minerals, etc.), what treatments were applied, cattle health & habits, grazing plan, and others as season and animal health dictates
  • Pushing out round bales by hand (with assistance when needed)
  • Loading/unloading hay (square bales) by hand
  • Fence building/repair
  • Operating farm equipment, vehicles and trailers
  • Awareness/Mindfulness work with animals

Other farm tasks could involve:

  1. Chicken care
  2. Dogs (basic care)
  3. Horse care
  4. Special Projects (Carpentry, mushrooms, farm maintenance, weed eating, loading/unloading hay, permaculture installation, garden/tree work, etc.)

Must be willing & able to:

  • RECEIVE the animals and nature as teachers
  • Work in all kinds of weather
  • Work long or emergency hours when weather or animal health requires it
  • Work weekends and overtime hours
  • Work holidays as needed
  • Follow organizational systems, checklists and directions
  • Work alone unsupervised
  • Enjoy being still and quiet and peaceful
  • Jump in to help other team members as needed
  • Try again with a new perspective when things are difficult – Be honest with ourselves and each other, share openly what you discover and feel, learn, and re-do it better!


  • A valid driver’s license and a good driving record
  • No drugs, alcohol abuse or other addictions
  • A sense of humor and FUN!

If you are a hard worker, detail oriented, with a good work ethic, and feel the job listed is your dream job, please apply!  Relevant experience is preferred but not required, as we are prepared to invest in your training, but a good attitude and willing spirit are essential!

This job is for those who are willing to persevere even when things are tough, with open discussion as to how we can make things better in the long run.

Our farm in Nelson County VA is very quiet and located centrally between three larger towns/cities (Charlottesville 1 hr; Richmond 1.5 hr; and Lynchburg – 45 min).  We have a diverse team on site daily, but there will be times when you may be living on the farm alone when owner is away for short periods.  There are also times when we are having workshops and work projects with many people on site and staying here (< 35 avg).  If overall peace and quiet, mixed with busy and bustling times sounds like a good mix, then this job will give you plenty of that variety.  You will also have opportunities to interact with amazing mentors, teachers and people coming for workshops, work projects, etc.  When you desire, there are small towns and communities within 30 min (Appomattox, Amherst, Lovingston).

This is a well-paid position with a unique package of Holistic wellness benefits, organic lunches prepared for you on site, paid lunch break, and a five-day average work week.  Limited on-farm housing (clean, mold free, nice spacious camper with lots of windows) with shared bathroom/shower/laundry is available to rent.  Internet and Electricity included with camper rental at $50 per month.  

Additional housing rentals are usually available in the Yoga & Spiritual Community (, and/or in Amherst, both 20 minutes away.

Please click here to download our application. Once you’ve filled it out, send it with your resume and cover letter that lets us know your goals and why you want to work with us and with cattle in regenerative agriculture to:

Office Manager: