Indiana – Living Roots Farm hiring Apprentice

French Lick, Indiana

Apprentice Fall or Winter 2017

Living Roots Farm and EcoVillage

Living Roots is a farm and more specifically an ecovillage. Our primary focus is food (growing it, processing it, cooking it, and distributing it to others). We also focus on healing arts, natural building, off-the-grid living, and generally personal and community growth.

Living Roots might be the only farm where apprentices take a full massage course, along with the farm program. Come join us in this opportunity for earth-connected farm work and education, massage, yoga, personal growth and awareness building, cooking, off-the-grid living and much more!

The EcoVillage operates a 75 acre farm, including a 4.5 acre market farm, 0.5 acre community garden, and a U-Pick strawberry patch. Our apprenticeship program is centered around organic farming and is for those who are committed to their education in these areas. We balance this farm work with the healing arts, which includes mentoring, massage and healing arts, and yoga. You will become a better cook by being an apprentice here! Much time is also spent cooking, doing food fermentation, food processing, and eating directly from the land. We operate according to environmentally sustainable farming practices and also within a model that promotes personal sustainability and health. There are also options to study small business and sustainable living skills. We have four sessions each year and an option to apprentice for the entire growing season, including during the winter. Please see our website for more info.

Educational Opportunities: All aspects of market gardening: plant propagation, tending, harvesting, sales, marketing, delivery, farmers markets. Opportunities to work with EcoVillage animals: grass fed beef, chickens, pigs, goats, and sheep. Also, permaculture and season extension. Sustainable living skills, including off the grid living, wholesome cooking, food fermentation/preservation, beer/mead making, cheese making, and solar oven cooking just to name a few. All students learn how to make cheese, yogurt, and bread. Also includes a mentoring program, which gives the apprentices a life changing experience of personal growth. Apprentices will also be able to learn massage and other healing arts such as energy work and yoga. This will be incorporated into the program to give a more balanced approach to working with the earth.

For apprentices with experience, you will be offered a monthly stipend of $100 – $200. Other apprentices will receive a monetary congratulations gift of $150/session upon completion of their agreed upon program. And in addition to housing (listed below), apprentices also receive food (for all 21 meals).

Housing: Accommodation in apprentice cabin, bunkhouse, or camper is provided. Tents in the campground are also an option if desired.

Please see our website for more info :