Salt Lake City, Utah

NOVEMBER 1, 2017

Greenhouse/Farm Assistant

Job Posting:    Greenhouse/Farm Assistant for Frog Bench Farms

Hours:             Monday – Friday @ 4 hrs. per day, year round work, two year commitment.


Friday – Tuesday @ 4 hrs. per day, year round work, two year commitment.

Wages:            Commensurate with experience

Frog Bench Farms (FBF) is an organic Urban Farm located at the bottom of the Wasatch foothills in Salt Lake City growing 1.5 acres of high quality organic veggies, herbs, fruits, nuts and edible flowers since 2012.  The greenhouse is 2875 square feet of raised planters and racks.  If possible all plants are started from seed.  The greenhouse and farm are on automated irrigation systems.  Cold frames, low/high hoop houses are used to extend seasons.  Sales are primarily to local restaurants, caterers and food trucks.  There are chickens in need of egg collection, petting, coop clean out, food and water.  We do most work by hand but do have an electric tractor and motorized ATV we use when needed.

Typical week would be:

Monday through Friday with a minimum of 3 hours per day in the morning.

Monday:                                  discussing greenhouse/farm projects for the week, starting harvest for Tuesday delivery

Tuesday:                                 harvesting, washing, packaging, clean-up done in the morning

Wednesday – Friday:              weeding, pruning, projects, plant, soil maintenance, seeding and cleaning.

Applicant must have the ability to:

  • Follow directions and comply with all BMP (Best Management Practices)
  • A proactive self-starter
  • Use a shovel, rake or cultivator or other typical farming tools
  • Water crops, test and repair irrigation lines
  • Must have current, valid driver’s license

Typical Physical Demands:

  • This position requires typical physical demands for farm labor, such as walking, standing, reaching, stooping, squatting, lifting up to 50 lbs and working indoors and outdoors in cold, hot or wet conditions on uneven surfaces.

Typical Working Conditions:

  • Assistant will work on a farm and greenhouse in an urban setting, helping to complete all tasks, and reporting to the Greenhouse/Farm Assistant Manager and the Manager. Will enthusiastically develop competency in and complete all tasks established by the Greenhouse/Farm Manager and Assistant Manager to effectively and efficiently grow quality organic produce for sale.  Will assist Greenhouse/Farm Manager in inventory and ordering process as needed.  Assist Greenhouse/Farm Manager with administrative tasks such as crop records, recording, and production.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Be receptive to learning new methods of farming/gardening and sharing existing knowledge of farming/gardening
  • Mop floors, clean windows, wipe down tables, sinks and dust high surfaces
  • Care, cleaning, feeding and providing water to chickens
  • Maintain all farming related equipment, tools, and supplies, including tractor and ATV
  • Assist others with various additional projects and work related errands as needed
  • Prepare each farm area for planting
  • Planting a variety of heirloom vegetables, herbs, and fruits following recognized organic growing practices
  • Assist with planting, maintaining, harvesting, washing and storing produce
  • Support the harvesting of all farm and greenhouse areas following sustainable harvesting practices
  • Taking stewardship of the land, plants and environment by making a commitment to the sustainability and well-being of the project and the people involved
  • Notify Manager of irrigation system issues for farm and greenhouse
  • Support production planning and scheduling for all areas of farm and greenhouse
  • Assess farm and greenhouse growing conditions
  • Develop and discuss alternative and innovative strategies for farm planting and maintenance which applies to intensive small-acreage farming

Health and Safety:

  • Ensure quality standards and health safety of all farm and greenhouse cultivation and harvesting practices, storage of chemicals, maintenance of farm
  • Accepting responsibility and personal ownership for actions, results and risks.
  • Keep accurate records of all matters relating to the operation of the greenhouse and farm including but not limited to:
    • IPM methods and implementation, seeding and harvesting schedule, planting history, management history, pest and disease history of each farm area, and harvesting history
  • Organize, train and supervise farm and greenhouse volunteers and interns to ensure that each farm area is effectively utilized and maintained throughout the year


  • Must have 2 years or more experience working in at least one of the following:
    • Greenhouse environment
    • growing organic herbs and vegetables
    • micro or petite greens
    • high yield organic gardening/farming
  • Knowledgeable of basic organic vegetable production including soil science, general nutrient need of different plant families, weed/pest management, planting procedures, row planting, harvest and post-harvest management.
  • Show proficiency in propagation, transplanting and pest/disease management.
  • Proficiency with a variety of farm equipment, machinery and hand tools required


  • Hourly depending on experience and education


Please send a cover letter outlining direct experience with all aspects of the maintenance and harvest of vegetables and herbs along with resume.  Only those with one year or two full seasons experience need apply.

Send requested information to: