Washington – Willowood Farm hiring Multiple Positions

Coupeville, Washington

Willowood Farm – Hiring Field Production Manager, Harvest Manager and Field Crew Hands NOW


Willowood Farm is a 20-acre historic family farm with expected 10 acres in vegetable production in 2018.  We grow following organic standards but are not certified.  We are located centrally on Whidbey Island north of Seattle.  Our farm is often considered the “heart” of the Ebey Landing National Historic Reserve, an unique unit of the National Park Service that was established in 1978 with the purposes of maintaining our beautiful historic farming small town community.  Within just hours of our farm you can easily access both the Olympic Peninsula and the Cascade Mountain Range, as well as surrounded by the amazing waters of the Pacific Ocean.


Willowood Farm is run and managed by Farmer Georgie who grew up on the property.  Her father Bill is an essential employee, working on tractor and equipment maintenance and additional special projects. Our farm crew consists of  Farmer Georgie who handles sales, marketing, networking and overall business management.  Melony Edwards who has been on the farm for three years taking over this year as Farm Manager in Training overseeing employee relations, employee training, farm organization and systems and is assisting Georgie with sales, ordering, marketing and community outreach.  We also have hired a new pack shed manager to oversee organization and pack shed and walk-in management of our crops and we are looking to hire a field production and equipment manager who will oversee and implement our production needs and schedules, and operate and manager our machinery (with mechanical help from Farmer Bill).  And we are also looking to hire a harvest manager that runs the crew in the fields on harvest days as well as one two possibly two field crew hands for general work.  All employees in the crew work together closely and are cross trained on each others jobs.

Note  We are willing to accept qualified couples to fill two of these positions.  So say, Field Production Manager and Harvest Manager. Please refer to job descriptions for any other openings if you are part of a “couple” seeking a position.


In addition, in March of 2017 Willowood Farm suffered a devastating barn fire and lost our main storage and indoor production area along with about 80 percent of our equipment.  We began immediately rebuilding our systems (new pack shed, new tractors, etc) but still have a long ways to go.  2018 will see a focus on building of a new barn plus implementing new equipment, systems and ideas.  The barn fire was devastating, but also gave opportunity to create new and better systems going forward.  All employees in the 2018 crew will be challenged with looking at the farm with new eyes as far as how do we recreate ourselves better, more efficiently. 


Willowood Farm is a production farm with a strong focus on efficiency, crop diversity, and a superb quality product.  We pride ourselves on being one of the leading suppliers of vegetables to the best restaurants in the Pacific Northwest and we do so with consistency and quality.  We produce crops year-round and sell primarily to the growing farm to table restaurant scene in Seattle and the greater Pacific Northwest.  We produce crops following organic standards but are not certified.  We use a mix of more modern and “new” small farm techniques and practices with time-honored practices of old.  We have both tractors, and hoes! Our time is devoted to tasks as driven by the ebb and flow of a vegetable farm, following the demands of the season.  Our time is mostly divided between production, seeding, transplanting and weeding what our tractors cannot get to.  And lots and lots of time spent in harvest and packing as our season progresses and the bounty comes in, with abundance!


We seek energetic and motivated individuals who are not only a smart, tough, resourceful, detail-oriented team player to fill the following positions.  All positions including housing on farm as part of compensation package.  We can accept couples as long as both are filling one of the duties on the farm. 


This is our “Chief Grower” responsible for all duties related to the efficient growing of our beautiful, tasty and sellable vegetables!  The ideal applicant will have excellent communication skills, enjoy being in a leadership role, and have strong skills in vegetable production and experience, or at least strong interest in, small farm equipment and techniques, like growing on plastic mulch, using Planet Junior walk behind tractors, flame weeding, irrigation systems and etc.  The ideal person will be able to self-manage weekly tasks according to our planting calendars and be able to identify and work with other management persons to make sure fields are ready, needed supplies are available, and delegate, assign and overseas all production related tasks to our field crew.  The Field Production Manager will work closely and collaboratively with the Harvest Manager, Packing Shed Manager, Farm Manager and of course, Farmer Georgie.  The Field Production Manager also will work closely with Bill on tractor and equipment related issues.


This person is charge of all field aspects of our very busy and intense harvest days. The ideal candidate has the interest and skills to lead a crew of similar folks in harvest related tasks, and the maturity and  ability to work with our Production Manager as assistant field task manager and have experience harvesting vegetables on a production scale vegetable farm. The ideal applicant will have excellent communication skills, enjoy being in a leadership role, and have strong skills in harvest to set a timely pace for crew and oversee quality control.  The ideal person must be highly flexible and adaptive to continually changing harvest needs and demands and be able to quickly make decisions and instruct crew.  The Harvest Manager will work closely with the Farm Manager, Production Manager, Pack Shed Manager and Farmer Georgie


We currently have openings for up to three, full time seasonal field crew positions for the 2018 season. Field Crew would live on the farm, housing and food produced by the farm is provided.  Ideal field crew applicants are smart, tough, detail-orientated and possess a strong interest in food and farming.  They should enjoy working on a a team and are ready for a new challenge.  At least one season previous farm work, or similar outdoor type work, HIGHLY preferred.  

For more information on these positions please go to:
Or email Farmer Georgie at willowoodfarm@gmail.com