Connecticut – Connecticut Hops hiring Farm Manager

Various Locations, Connecticut

Connecticut Hops Seeks Full-Time Salaried Farm Manager

Pioneer Hops (Morris CT) and Smokedown Farm (Sharon CT) are the largest hop yards in Connecticut. Since 2015, more than 20 Connecticut breweries have brewed awesome beer with our hops.

The hop yard at Smokedown Farm is part of a 170-acre farm on the western edge of the Housatonic River valley. Pioneer Hops of Connecticut is part of South Farms, a family farm since 1939.  Both farms take an integrated approach to pest management and use conventional methods. Together, we grow seven hop varieties.

Job Description

We are looking for a Full-Time Salaried Farm Manager for the 2018 season and beyond. The chosen candidate will have high energy and an enthusiasm for production agriculture.  The Manager will be actively involved in all aspects of the farm operation.

  • Management responsibilities include:

    • Hiring hands for seasonal help

    • Scheduling the hands’ weekly work schedules

    • Training and supervising the hands

    • Record-keeping

  • Operationally, the Manager will actively work alongside the hands (and the owners). This work includes:

    • Crowning, training and pruning the hop plants

    • Coir-tying and trellis tightening.

    • Weed management (mowing, weed-whacking, spraying)

    • Pest scouting / fertigation /  spraying

    • Harvesting / drying / baling / pelleting

    • Equipment maintenance and repair

Expectations and Qualifications

Previous work in production agriculture, a problem-solving mindset and enthusiasm for equipment maintenance and repair are essential. A strong work ethic and the ability to work collaboratively with others is required. The candidate chosen will have

  • IPM experience

  • Conventional pest management experience

  • Enthusiasm for outdoors work

  • A devotion to helping people do things the right and most efficient way

  • A driver’s license and car or truck

Benefits include a salary commensurate with experience, paid vacation and a 1-bedroom apartment.

To apply, please send cover note and resume to