Colorado – Frugalbundance Farm seeking Farmer

Paonia, Colorado

Frugalbundance Farm (homesteading, goats, poultry, garden, natural building, off grid solar, tiny houses, permaculture) in Paonia, Colorado, is seeking the right person to come live (long term) in a beautiful, well insulated, off-grid tiny house on wheels with large storage shed and garden space, on a 48 acre rural parcel 2 miles from the town center.  Use of the tiny home and shed would be in exchange for help with the milking goats and taking care of poultry about 12 hrs/week (typically milking goats twice/day, walking goats, letting out, feeding, closing up poultry – two days/week, or the equivalent.

The right person would be strongly interested in animals, organic agriculture and a simple, self sufficient lifestyle, quiet, mature, happy, internally motivated, a good communicator, and somewhat flexible time-wise.  No smoking, no dogs.  Photos of home can be seen at former owner’s FB page at  Perfect situation for a valley organic farm employee who needs housing, artist-farmer, or ?.  Please give Linc or Jeanne a call at 970-fourtwotwo-1888, or email us at for more info.