Missouri – Red Ridge Farms hiring Multiple Positions

Odessa, Missouri


Red Ridge Farms is a four season 3 ½ acre certified organic production farm with a commercial (and gluten free) kitchen. On our farm we typically produce over 20,000 pounds of certified organic vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers. We grow about 70 crops annually, sell at farmers markets, wholesale, and through our CSA program. Our kitchen focuses on farm to table foods, as we strive to be part of the solution for local farmers striving to ‘scale up’. We are active members of the Kansas City Food Hub, helping to create wholesale solutions for farmers throughout Kansas City.

We are seeking reliable (full season commitment) individuals to work beginning in March or April. We are a host farm for the Growing Growers program if you are interested in a position as an apprenticeship. We have housing available for the right people.

Job Openings:

Sales and store manager: the right person in this job will increase sales to local customers through our farm store, create and manage an online store, write a weekly email to CSA members and customers, and conduct social media. This position could be incorporated with other kitchen, farm, and store needs to create a full-time position. The position requires attention to detail, an ability to collaborate with a diverse, hard-working team, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and proficiency in standard computer programs. Prior experience managing social media accounts and websites are a plus. We are hard-working and expect the same from qualified applicants.

Part-time (leading to full-time) experienced kitchen staff: Our kitchen prepares gluten free, made from scratch meals, bakery items, healthy snacks (paleo, keto, etc) and canned goods. We are seeking individuals who can create a wide range of foods while maintaining a level of cleanliness that exceeds health code standards. We pride ourselves on creating gluten free foods that don’t taste gluten free- just delicious. We make our own flour mixes with an emphasis on adding nutrition- not using filler. Looking for individuals who communicate well, provide excellent customer service (while 6 things are cooking in the oven), maintain safety standards, respect others,stay team-focused, and can listen and make changes on the ‘fly’. If you are this super-hero and know how to use a knife, please apply!

Full-Time Farm manager (must demonstrate experience, commitment, and ability to lead others- verifiable supervisory experience is preferred). This person will run (most) of the day to day operations of our farm. This will include: production, training and supervising other staff, harvest and market prep, attending farmers markets, and some record keeping. Ideal candidate will have knowledge and experience in several core areas of production, harvest, pack, and marketing. The ability to manage other, less experienced workers is essential to farm operations being accomplished smoothly.

Part-time laborers & interns (this is difficult work- those who demonstrate ability to work full time… can work full time- we have plenty to do, but we find most enjoy about 20-30 hours per week). Help with ‘all things on the farm’. Mostly hand work. Could include some on-farm construction for the right individual (erect high tunnel, light repair/remodeling) A lot of weeding, planting and picking. We will happily train and teach the right individuals.

Please note: farm work is hard work. We are looking for individuals who can maintain a positive attitude and enthusiasm for the job when weather conditions and the job are less than ‘ideal’ (weeding becomes monotonous, and you may work many of your hours alone).

Volunteers– we ask our volunteers commit to at least 4-6 hours in one shift per week. We prefer a longer shift (6 hours is ideal), as that allows for training. Volunteer opportunities exist in many areas- most, but not all, require manual labor. Depending on volunteer work chosen and hours offered, we are happy to exchange dedication for organic production training and a weekly share of the harvest.

Our farm and store are almost an hour east of downtown Kansas City, south of Odessa, Missouri.

Depending on skill and experience, pay is typically $9-$15/hour. These positions could become full-time, year round employment.

Send letter of interest/cover letter and resume to jaaazfarms@gmail.com.

The very important part: we do this because we are passionate about improving the local food culture. We love our customers and love their stories of health and success found through improved diet. But we also acknowledge that at times this is an impossibly difficult job. At times, this lifestyle is repetitive, boring, and physically and mentally draining. But we keep coming to work each day because we are fighting an important battle. We want to be a part of creating a sustainable future for this farm and others in the community. If you want to work really hard, be part of a dynamic community, and really push yourself to learn, please apply.